Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How can Chris Christie's lead in the gubernatorial race be only 4% when voters disapprove of Jon Corzine's performance at a rate of 58-36 percent? This has had me frustrated and angry most of the day. The Christie campaign's "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" emails and videos didn't make me feel any better. Corzine's numbers are already in the tank. What is needed is a message that increases Christie's numbers and neutralizes Daggett's numbers.

I felt a bit better after listening to Chris on 101.5 Chris is great in these longer conversations. His message is difficult to translate in a 30 or 60 second video. That's why the debate tomorrow is so important.

I received an email from a reader with recommendations for Chris regarding the debate. I am happy to post it here and will post other suggestions from readers if you send them. My email address is im my profile which can be found on the sidebar.

From David E:


I have been reading your web page lately. I am a little frustrated that Chris isn’t cleaning Corzine’s clock. Here are some thoughts about what Chris Christie needs to do at the debate:

(1) Take a stand against pre-K. It is babysitting. And don’t be shy about it.

(2) Don't emphasize the mammograms. Put Corzine on the defensive. Say "I don't want NJ families to pay an extra $90 for their health insurance because insurance companies are required to cover invitro fertilization and alcohol/drug rehab in health insurance policies." If you want to continue paying that $90 per month so everyone has to pay for invitro fertilization and alchol/drug rehab, you can vote for Jon.

(3) Talk about the urban education plan. Talk about the points made in the Cartel Movie about the ridiculous administrative expenses in urban districts. Can Jon Corzine or anyone else justify the 25K per student that is currently being spent in Newark? And, if Corzine brings up the graduation rate, here is what to say: “Jon Corzine is used to touting phony results. He and his company were big boosters of Enron stock for years. Now, instead of touting Enron stock, he touts the graduation rate of NJ schools. The superior graduation rates Jon touts is a result of an alternative to passing the test that some NJ districts allow call SRA. SRA does what Enron’s accounting methods did. It shows results that aren’t real.

(4) Emphasize the unfairness of Corzine taking away homestead rebates if you are $1 over $75,000 of NJ AGI, regardless of marital status.

(5) Trash Corzine wherever possible as the man who ordered his driver to exceed the speed limit by 25 miles per hour and caused a crash on the Garden State Parkway.

(6) Emphasize that the Corzine administration ended the purchase of natural gas buses for NJ Transit.

(7) Oppose the Camden to Glassboro Railroad and the rail tunnel to New York as boondoggles. How much will those programs cost in later subsidies to operate those lines? Why will these rail lines work out any better than the ridiculously heavily subsidized River Line and Philadelphia to Atlantic City Rail Line? Challenge the estimated increase of 60% of riders to NYC by 2030.


Anonymous said...

Two words: Steve Lonegan

Anonymous said...


Christie is stuck between a rock and a hard place here. Come out with a very detailed specific plan and Corzine's hit squad will spin it around and exploit it with his unlimited commercials. Say you want to reign in education spending? Well Corzine will run ads saying he wants to fire teachers and close schools. Corzine is running a campaign on fear. You have no idea how many union emails I've received of total bull crap lies spread about losing jobs and benefits if Christie wins. Chris Daggett should really be proud of himself if Corzine wins. We can send our tax bills to him.

Anonymous said...

why can't he just keep asking: are you all better off than you were, after 4 years of this guy??.. everyone HAS to say no, ( except for unions and folks on the dole, however):forget "hope," the message is "change", for this ridiculous state: we know what we got ain't good, give this other guy a shot, if he doesn't fix it,he needs to say he won't run for re-election!!