Monday, September 28, 2009

Fighting New Jersey's Tax Crush

Asbury Park Press-Gannett NJ graphic

The Asbury Park Press and the other Gannett New Jersey papers are running an eight day series, Fighting New Jersey's Tax Crush

Gannett bills the series as "hard look at why property taxes are so high — and what can be done to fix them."


Anonymous said...

Yeah ... so hard hitting that they didn't push to obtain info from any municipality that did not easily comply with their OPRA requests. Half of the the towns I would be interested in were not even included b/c the app didn't have their "info".

James Hogan said...

I always thought that the "why" part was easy: We, for the most part, have nothing but liberal, big-government, corrupt politicians running our cities and state along with strong police and teacher's unions that don't live in the same reality as the rest of us.

I'll skip ahead a few days and provide the scoop on the APP's day 8 "solution": The APP will stop endorsing the liberal, big-government, corrupt politicians and promote candidates who represent the people, promote smaller government and support strict term limits on would-be career do-nothing politicians like Frank Pallone.