Monday, September 28, 2009

Standing Up to Corzine's Scare Tactics: Breast Cancer Survivors Set the Record Straight on Chris Christie and Women's Healthcare

With Four Days until the First Debate, It's Time to Focus on the Facts

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Jon Corzine's desperate scare tactics have hit a new low with his recent attack ads blatantly distorting Chris' position on women's health insurance. New Jersey breast cancer survivors are fighting back against these deceptive accusations and voicing their support for Chris' vision for New Jersey's future. With four days until the first debate, these strong women are standing with Chris to set the record straight.

Christie-Guadagno Campaign Spokesperson Maria Comella stated: "It's touching and honest to have these strong women share stories of their brave fights against breast cancer. Jon Corzine's attempt to lie about Chris' position on women's healthcare is despicable and just listening to these women tell their stories makes clear that this is not an issue that should be used to score political points. Chris is the son of a breast cancer survivor and knows firsthand the importance of early detection which is why he would never take that care away from a woman."

Get the Facts: Jon Corzine Will Say Anything, But the Truth
Latest Corzine ad once again distorts Chris' positions, attempts to "poison" his reputation with women...

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Governor Corzine fought to make health care more accessible and affordable for New Jerseyans.

Health Insurance Premiums For New Jersey Working Families Skyrocketed, Increasing 71 Percent from 2000-2007. (Families USA, "Premiums versus Paychecks: A Growing Burden for New Jersey's Workers," October 2008)

If Chris Christie were governor, insurance companies could drop mammogram coverage.

Christie would lower standards and let insurance companies "offer mandate-free policies" that would eliminate Mammograms, therapy for children with autism, Alcoholism treatment, Biologically based mental illness, Bone marrow transplants, Childhood immunization, Colorectal screening, Congenital bleeding disorders, Dental anesthesia, Diabetes,
Domestic Violence Injuries, Childhood hearing loss, Home health care, Infertility treatment, Childhood lead poisoning, Mammograms, Minimum mastectomy stay, Nursing home care, Off-label drug use, Orthotic and prosthetic appliance, Out-of-network service, Pap smears, Prescription female contraceptive, Prostate cancer screening, Reconstructive breast surgery, Second medical/surgical opinions, Wellness examinations. And new mothers would be forced out of hospitals within a day of giving birth.

Chris Christie Supports Providing Coverage for Mammograms and Other Mandated Procedures.

New York Times: "Mr. Christie Speaks Not Of Cutting Health Coverage, Or Mammograms, As The Ad Suggests, But Of Giving People The Option Of Choosing No-Frills, Mandate-Free And, Presumably, Much Cheaper Insurance If They Want It. Singling Out Mammograms -- One Such Mandate -- Is An Attempt To Poison Mr. Christie With Women." (David Halbfinger, "In Bid For Re-Election, New Jersey's Governor Plays To Party Faithful," New York Times, 06/08/09)

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