Wednesday, September 02, 2009

History Repeating Itself: Jon Corzine's Tired Mud-Slinging Campaign Tactics Are Back Again in 2009

"I don't like it, the public doesn't like it and it doesn't seem to work. The poll numbers haven't moved."-Governor Tom Kean, 09/01/09

It should come as no surprise that Jon Corzine continues to launch baseless, negative attacks at Chris Christie. Governor Corzine has a long history of throwing around mud and his millions in campaigns, stooping to the lowest levels to get elected. With New Jersey suffering under the highest property taxes in the country and 9.3 percent unemployment, hard-working families are fed up with Governor Corzine's negative campaign tactics and unfounded attack ads, which, despite his best efforts, cannot distract from his failed record.

Take a walk down Jon Corzine's muddy history lane:

During the 2000 Senate Race:

Florio Witnessed Corzine's Tactics The First Time Around. "Mr. Corzine will pay anything, say anything, and now we find out, do anything, regardless of what is acceptable to get elected." (David Kocieniewski, "Corzine Admits Paying Lawyer Who Had Private Investigators Check Out Florio," The New York Times, 05/31/00)

Corzine's Cash Fueled Attacks By Democrat Causes, Candidates and New Jersey State Democratic Committee. "Election records show that since 1999 ... Mr. Corzine, his family members and his political action committees have given nearly $8 million to Democratic organizations, candidates and party officials, from county freeholders to the Democratic National Committee to the party's presidential nominees. Of those donations, $5 million has gone to a small group of New Jersey Democratic leaders who control many patronage jobs, public contracts and the placement of candidates' names on the ballot ..." (David Kocieniewski, "GOP Says Corzine's Cash Makes Him The New Boss," The New York Times, 2/18/05)

"Many Party Leaders, Perhaps Softened By Corzine's $500,000 Party-Building (And Self-Promoting) Radio Advertising ... Seem Amenable To [Corzine's 'Hostile Takeover' Of The Democratic Party]." (George Will, Op-Ed, "Perhaps Money Can Buy Happiness," Chicago Sun-Times, 12/11/99)

During the 2005 Gubernatorial Race:

"Long after the last lawn sign has been collected, mulched and spread like manure, New Jerseyans will remember the governor's race of 2005 as one of the ugliest, meanest and downright embarrassing campaigns in state history." ("Reflections On A Bitter And Bruising Campaign," The Star-Ledger, 11/13/05)

"Suddenly, a campaign that was supposed to be about the pressing issues of property taxes and government ethics reform has been covered in mud, with arguments over the personal conduct of the candidates eclipsing any discussions of policy." (Josh Benson, "ON POLITICS; Not to the Swiftest, But the Loudest," The New York Times, 08/28/05)

"More than property tax relief or corruption or education or health care - issues foremost on the minds of voters - the race for governor came down to two things: mud and money. From the day he announced his candidacy in December of last year, Corzine sought to spin his wealth as a positive." (Deborah Howlett, "Corzine Romps," The Star-Ledger, 11/9/05)

"The Corzine team has, not surprisingly, lavished millions of dollars on county organizations, unions and urban churches in the hopes of reaping the benefits of a well-financed get-out-the-vote operation -- running phone banks, updating databases, knocking on doors and driving supporters to polling places. Party officials say that there are thousands of volunteers lined up for Election Day, many who will be paid $75 to $100." (Josh Benson, "And Remember, Vote Early and Often," The New York Times, 11/6/05)

Governor Corzine's Dirty Tactics Wearing Thin in 2009 Gubernatorial Race:

"Gov. Jon Corzine's desperate attempts to gain some traction in his flailing re-election bid continue to plumb new depths of sleaziness. Hopefully, voters will recognize these down-and-dirty tactics and demand that he crawl out of the mud for the last leg of the campaign." (Editorial, "No Sense of Decency," Asbury Park Press, 08/27/09)

"Maybe it should come as no surprise that the Corzine re-election campaign is serving up smear and innuendo on an intelligence-insulting level that gives mud-slinging a bad name." (Editorial, "Can NJ Be Fooled by a Fake Scandal?," The Trentonian, 09/02/09)

"Will Corzine's team pull down their attack ads? Yes. But only so they can put up other attack ads, attack ads that they hope will work even better to drive Christie's negatives higher, faster. Because Corzine's team comes from the school that believes the way to the top (sorry, all you civics teachers) is to hit hard, hit low, and keep on hitting until your opponent folds -- or you die trying." (Bill Pascoe, "Look Out,New Jersey, the Ugly's Just Beginning," 09/01/09)

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David said...

I don't care about Chris Christie's conversations with Karl Rove or his driving record.

What I care about is that I lost my homestead rebate, had my property taxes raised and had my sales taxes increased because Jon Corzine decided to spend more money to fund pre-K, Abbott schools (including wealthy Hoboken) and the
earned income credit.

Corzine's position is that its fine to take money from some residents of NJ to buy votes
from other residents of NJ. And, as one of the ones from whom he is taking money, I am not happy about it.