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New Chrisite-Guadagno TV AD: "Leader"

When Will Jon Corzine Hit the Airwaves With His First Ad On The Issues?

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Today, Chris Christie continued his positive, issue-driven campaign with a new television ad entitled, "Leader." The ad features hard-working New Jerseyans talking about the challenges they face, while highlighting Christie's proven record, independent streak and ability to tackle the tough problems facing our state. While "Leader" marks just the latest in a series of Christie's issue driven ads, Jon Corzine has refused to engage voters on the issues, instead running misleading and negative attack ad since the even before the general election began.

Christie-Guadagno Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said, "This latest television ad only continues our campaign's commitment to engage voters in a positive, issue driven dialogue about the difficult challenges facing our state. This is not the time for petty and tired political games when middle class families are struggling to make ends meet, dealing with unbearable taxes and facing the highest unemployment in 32 years. It's time Jon Corzine offered the people of New Jersey more than slanderous attack ads and instead addressed the issues they're confronting each and every day. With our campaign once again going up on the airwaves with a positive ad, we challenge Jon Corzine to finally raise the level of debate and do the same."

"Leader" Ad Facts:

Female #1: Between the taxes
Male #2: Corruption.
Female #2: Unemployment.
Female #3: Spending.

New Jersey Taxpayers Are Ranked Highest In The Nation for Overall Tax Burden - A Position We Have Held Since Governor Corzine Took Office. (Gerald Prante, "State-Local Tax Burdens Dip As Income Growth Outpaces Tax Growth: New Jersey's Citizens Pay The Most, Alaska's Least," The Tax Foundation No. 163, August 2008.)

Since Governor Corzine Has Been In Office, Our Property Taxes Have Gone Up 17%, Costing The Average New Jerseyan An Additional $1,023 Every Year. (New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Website, Accessed 07/10/09)

In July 2009, 44 People, Including Mayors And Assemblymen, Were Arrested For Corruption. (David Halbfinger, "44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep," New York Times, 07/24/09)

On Tuesday September 1st 2009, Ex-State Senator Joseph Coniglio Was Sentenced to 2 ½ Years For Corruption. (Joe Ryan, "Ex-state Sen. Joseph Coniglio is sentenced to 2 ½ years on corruption charges," Star Ledger, 09/01/09)

New Jersey's Unemployment Rate Has Gone From 4.8% at the Beginning of Corzine's Term, to 9.3% Today. (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website, Accessed: 08/25/09)

In July, New Jersey's Unemployment Rate Continues To Be The Highest In The Region, Increasing Again This Month To 9.3%. (All figures according to United States Department of Labor Website, Accessed: 08/21/09)

New York's unemployment rate was at 8.6% for July, down from 8.7% in June.
Pennsylvania's unemployment rate was at 8.5% in July, compared to 8.3% in June.
Delaware's unemployment rate was at 8.2% in July, down from 8.4% in June.
Connecticut's unemployment rate was at 7.8% in July, down from 8% in June.
New Jersey's Unemployment Rate Is The Highest It Has Been In 32 Years.
(Bureau of Labor Statistics Website, Accessed: 08/21/09)

Governor Corzine's 2010 Budget Raises Taxes by Another $1.2 Billion. (FY 2010 Budget)

Since Taking Office Governor Corzine Has Passed New Taxes And Fees Costing New Jerseyans $8.9 Billion. (FY07, 08, 09, 10 Budgets)

Jon Corzine Has Left FY2011 With A Projected $8 Billion Deficit. (Josh Margolin, "N.J. short $8 billion, report say," The Star-Ledger, 07/22/09)

Male #1: As U.S. Attorney, he put corrupt politicians in jail.
Female #3: Republicans
Female #5: And Democrats.

JON CORZINE: "There Have Been as Many Republicans as There Are Democrats That Have Been Brought to Justice by Chris Christie, Which I Think That He's Doing a Great Job." (Jon Corzine, Gubernatorial Debate on NBC, 11/05/05)

Christie Won Convictions Or Guilty Pleas From More Than 130 Elected Or Appointed Government Officials. "During the seven years that Mr. Christie was the top federal prosecutor in New Jersey, his office won convictions or guilty pleas from more than 130 elected or appointed government officials without a single acquittal." (David Kocieniewski, "Christie, Former U.S. Attorney, Enters Governor's Race in New jersey," New York Times, 02/09/09)

"A Record Made Even More Impressive Because There Has Not Been One Acquittal." "As New Jersey's top federal law enforcer, Christie racked up more than 130 convictions of elected and appointed officials, including former Newark Mayor Sharpe James, Paterson Mayor Marty Barnes and Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera, since January 2002 - a record made even more impressive because there has not been one acquittal." (Jackson, Sampson, Reitmeyer, "GOP's White Knight - As Christie quits, talk turns to State House," The Record, 11/18/08)

"Christie is the Reigning Champion Against Public Corruption..." (Editorial, "Christie may try, but numbers are tough," The Jersey Journal, 12/04/08)

"All New Jerseyans Owe Him a Huge Debt of Gratitude..." "'s worth reflecting on Christie's record as a federal prosecutor. All New Jerseyans owe him a huge debt of gratitude for refusing to accept this state's sleazy status quo." (Editorial: "Christie's Legacy: Refusing to accept sleazy status quo," The Record, 11/19/08)

"Christie Has Already Done More Good For New Jersey Than Some Previous Governors." "By making an unavoidable issue of the state's corruption crisis, Christie has already done more good for New Jersey than some previous governors."
(Editorial, "Prosecutor Chris Christie. Perfect Together," Philadelphia Inquirer 11/25/08)

Female #3: Chris took on polluters.
Female #6: Fought for Delaware River and ocean dumping.

Christie Convicted Plant Owners for Contaminating the Delaware River - Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Company (2003): The U.S. Attorney's Office indicted the Atlantic States Cast Iron Company on charges of violating environmental and worker safety laws and obstructing the federal investigation. The Atlantic States plant was a notorious air polluter that purposefully dumped oil-contaminated water and other pollutants in to the Delaware River. (U.S Attorney's Office District of New Jersey Website, Accessed: 09/02/09)

Christie Convicted a Shipping Company for Cover-up of Massive Pollution Law Violations - Evergreen International (2005): The U.S. Attorney's Office achieved a joint indictment with U.S. Attorneys from four other judicial districts against Evergreen International on charges of illegally polluting U.S. waters, concealing the deliberate, illegal discharge of waste oil in U.S. waters and impeding a federal investigation. Evergreen International paid a $25 million penalty, $2 million of which was given to the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area in Monmouth County, the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Ocean County and the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge in Cape May County. (U.S Attorney's Office District of New Jersey Website, Accessed: 09/02/09)

Christie Convicted Singapore-Based Shipping Company for Conspiring to Cover-up Illegal Waste Dump - Wallenius Ship Management Ltd (2006): Under Chris Christie's leadership, the U.S. Attorney's Office indicted Wallenius Ship Management on charges of obstructing justice, making false statements and violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. Among other charges, the shipping company plead guilty to violating anti-pollution laws and was sentenced to pay $6.5 million in fines, with $1.5 million designated to fund environmental community service projects administered by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. (U.S Attorney's Office District of New Jersey Website, Accessed: 09/02/09)

Christie Convicted Danish Shipping Company of Dumping Oil in International Waters - Clipper Marine Services A/S (2007): Clipper Marine Services was indicted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for illegally discharging oily waste in international waters and obstruction of a federal investigation related to the activities of its chemical tanker, M/T Clipper Trojan. The company plead guilty and was ordered to pay $4.75 million in fines with $1.5 million directed to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to support environmental projects in New Jersey. (U.S Attorney's Office District of New Jersey Website, Accessed: 09/02/09)

Male #4: He's bi-partisan.
Female #1: Independent.
Female #3: A leader.

Christie is "Bi-Partisan." "Christie was as bipartisan as he was dogged: he also brought down former U.S. Senate candidate James Treffinger, a Republican." (Editorial, "Jobs Well Done," New York Post, 11/23/08)

"...U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, Who Has a Republican Bloodline, Was Fiercely Independent in the Performance of His Duties." (Steve Adubato, "The Good, The Bad, The Plain Stupid: The Winners of 2003," The Press of Atlantic City, 12/28/03)

"[Christie's] Made it Clear That He's an Unabashed Moderate..." (Charlie Stile, "Christie looking beyond primaries," Bergen Record, 02/19/09)

Female #4: Christie will cut spending.
Male #1: And reduce taxes.
Female #7: And make New Jersey affordable again.

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