Thursday, September 17, 2009

House Votes To Strip Acorn Of Federal Funding

NJ Congressmen Holt, Pallone, Pascrell, Payne and Sires are among the 75 who voted to keep ACORN funded.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 345-75 to stop all federal funding of ACORN, the community organizing group that has come under fire this week as a result of an undercover investigation by amateur journalists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles that produced video of ACORN employees advising the pair posing as a pimp and prostitute how to set up a brothel, apply for a mortgage, evade taxes and smuggle underage girls into the country to work as sex slaves.

The Senate voted 83-7 to defund ACORN earlier this week. The bill awaits President Obama's signature.

New Jersey was prominent in its support of ACORN, with five members of its delegation voting against the measure to defund. Congressmen Rush Holt D-12, Frank Pallone D-6, William Pascrell D-8, Donald Payne D-10 and Albio Sires D-13 each voted to have U.S. taxpayers continue to fund the organization.

Of these four, only Holt has an announced challenger for the 2010 election, Fair Haven Mayor Michael Halfacre.

Halfacre issued a harshly critical statement of Holt. “One again, Rush Holt has shown how out of touch he is with the people of the 12th Congressional District and that his attempts to portray himself as a moderate are just that- a portrayal”, said Halfacre. “He was to the left of even his own party on cap and trade; he is to the left of his own party on health care reform and now, when 70% of his own party voted against giving any more funding to this controversial group, once again, Rush Holt stood with the far left of his party to continue funding them with taxpayer money. We seem to have a representative who thinks he represents San Francisco and not central New Jersey.”

Halfacre closed by saying “Simply put, Rush Holt’s positions on a variety of issues of importance to the American people are outside the political mainstream and do not reflect the values of the 12th Legislative District. I intend to spend the next 15 months making sure that the people of the District know exactly who Rush Holt is and what he stands for, and proving that my positions on those very same issues are much more reflective of the people we both want to represent.”


Anonymous said...

the question then becomes: do these pathetic excuses for "Representatives" believe they'll be lost without the "help"/voter fraud of Acorn, and other election-stealing orgs.' tactics next year??.. oh, please,stay mad people, stay strong: we MUST remember NEXT November, and get rid of these disgusting statists, so we can start to save this country!..

ML said...

I have a question.
Why where we giving tax dollars to this organization to begin with? Forget the scandal.Forget the previous voter fraud Forget that they are really a partisan political organization. Even without all that I want to know where the government gets off giving my money to a private organization.

Anonymous said...

The vote to strip the criminal enterprise known as ACORN (Always Corrupting Our Righteous Nation) of taxpayer funding was 345 to 75. How embarrassing that Monmouth County's two U.S. Congressman were among the very few Nancy Pelosi worshippers who voted to continue funding a criminal enterprise (maybe they don't want the brothels shut down). It's time we got rid of Frank "I do whatever Hovnanian tells me to do" Pallone and Rush "I'm a rocket scientist, I don't have to have a mind of my own" Holt and got representatives who represent us, not Pacific Heights California.

Anonymous said...

There is simply no excuse for Congressman Holts desire to continue ACORN funding and that issue ALONE is enough to voted him out. The 2 possible reason is money. Did ACORN or its affiliates filter donations to Holt somehow? The second possible reason is , as Mayor Halfacre says, is Holt is a far left winger to the left of his own very left wing party.

Anonymous said...

No President to my knowledge was to the Left of Obama
No Speaker to the left of Pelosi.
And the only Congressman to the left of Holt were perhaps Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney.

Dennis C