Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Christie Radio Ad

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Today, the Christie-Guadagno campaign released its latest radio ad entitled, "Leaving." Jon Corzine's New Jersey has record-breaking 9.7 percent unemployment, the highest in the region. Families are hurting. Record numbers of jobs are leaving the state. While more and more New Jerseyans struggle to find a way to make ends meet, Jon Corzine has an easy answer that, for once, doesn't involve raising taxes - move to North Dakota.

Considering Jon Corzine's track record, this might be both his best solution to date, since North Dakota's 4.3 percent unemployment rate is less than half of ours. So the Wizard of Wall Street's economic recovery plan after years of high taxes and irresponsible spending is simple and foolproof - leave New Jersey for a state with lower taxes, quality-paying jobs and opportunity.

Christie-Guadagno Campaign Manager Bill Stepien: "Because of Jon Corzine, New Jerseyans are stretched to the breaking point. He has raised taxes; he has driven away jobs. Now, in the face of the highest unemployment in 33 years, Governor Corzine is copping out. His flippant remarks show just how out of touch he is with the experiences of people across our state. New Jersey needs change and, in 44 days, we'll start by changing governors."

Transcript of Radio Ad, "Leaving":

Announcer: Recently, Governor Jon Corzine had some advice for those looking for a job in New Jersey.

Jon Corzine: Want to go to a real unemployment rate, go to North Dakota.

Announcer: That's right, "go to North Dakota."

Leave New Jersey, the Giants or the Eagles, the Shore or the Cities, and go to North Dakota.

Is Jon Corzine that out of touch?

But the sad fact is that today under Jon Corzine, unemployment in New Jersey is nearly 10 percent.

The highest it's been in 30 years, the highest in the region.

Unemployment combined with the highest taxes in the nation and no wonder many people are leaving for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and some might even listen to the Governor's advice:

Jon Corzine: Go to North Dakota.

You want to change Trenton, start by changing governors.

Chris Christie. Governor.

Chris Christie: Paid for by Chris Christie for Governor. Ronald Gravino, Treasurer.

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Anonymous said...

Christie campaign needs to make this a TV commercial too. This could be the last straw for NJ residents and Corzine.