Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still Looking For Photos Of Sean Byrnes With Corzine

The vast team of MoreMonmouthMusings volunteers is still frustrated in the hunt for photos of Freeholer candidate Sean Byrnes with Governor Corzine.

We thought we had a hot lead when the Corzine campaign copied the Christie campaign and launched its own interactive website. Last week Christie launched Corzine followed with One would think that the man who is trying to retain control of the Monmouth County Freeholder Board for the Democrats would be featured standing with Jon. No such luck. No pictures of Byrnes and Corzine on that site. Not even in the Monmouth County section. The only picture of Corzine standing in the Monmouth County on that site is a video of is a appearance at the LGBT Pride celebration in Asbury Park.

We did find photos of Byrnes standing with Loretta Weinberg and Amy Mallet. They weren't taken at the Hall of Records:

He doesn't look too happy.

We also found a picture of Byrnes with Frank Pallone and Belmar Councilman Matt Moran:

I wonder if they talked about how hateful the people at Pallone's Health care Town Hall Meetings were.

So the hunt continues. If anyone has, finds or takes a photo of Byrnes with Corzine, please send it in. We'll make you famous and give you a free subscription to MoreMonmouthMusings and a bonus subscription to the coming ByrnesforFreeholer site.


Middletown Mike said...


I have a very nice picture of Corzine shaking hands with Sean Byrnes, I am looking at it now as its sits on my desk.

It's a nice 5x7 glossy in a gold embossed frame. If you want it however you'll have to do better with the offer.

If you search harder for it, you just may find it because it was posted at one time.

I'll repost it after the big victory on Nov. 3rd. if you are still looking for it afterwards.

Art Gallagher said...

If you want it however you'll have to do better with the offer.

Thanks Mike!

Have I got a deal for you!

Send me the picture within the next twenty four hours and I'll see it you that you are ranked #1 at BlogNetNews next week. :-)

Middletown Mike said...

No Thanks

BNN rankings are no big deal, I am happy enough just floating around in the top 20.

(And I am not kidding, the picture was posted)

Anonymous said...

That would be Matt DOHERTY, not Moran. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

whatever.. deadest NJ/local campaign ever- we're all too busy worrying about bigger and more far-reaching things:like,how to make the next mortgage payment, when/where the next attack will come (since we're already a lot less safe in 9 short months),and if/when this guy'll ruin our healthcare, the remaining free enterprise system,the free Internet and every other damn personal freedom the Founders and troops fought and died for!...

Barry Goldwater said...
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