Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sean Byrnes: Town Hall Protestors Are Haters

Middletown Committeeman and Democratic Candidate for Freeholder Sean Byrnes characterised most of those who attended Congressman Frank Pallone's Red Bank Town Hall meetings as insincere haters.

Byrnes told the Two River Times:

"I was impressed with the number of people that turned out," Byrnes said. "I'm a supporter of people getting involved in government, and I've tried to do everything I can to encourage people to get involved. But what I see is a lot of almost hatred. Feelings are so visceral and strong it makes me suspicious that it's all about health care."

"A significant portion of people have very strong issues against the president, and the issue of health care has become a platform to attack President Obama," continued Byrnes.

"There are people that have legitimate concerns on both sides, and I respect that. The intensity of some of these people suggests to me this may be as much an anti-Obama rally as it is an open public meeting on health care. You can't have an open public meeting when whenever someone voices their opinion, they get shouted down."


stopthesocialists said...

Give me a motherbleeping break. This guy must have stayed up at night memorizing the limp-wristed liberal's response handbook. So people who are against socialized healthcare are really there because they don't like Obama? Where was his righteous indignation when Bush was getting hammered by the vile left for simply protecting the country? This guy is in elected office and it is this sort of weak, namby pamby mentality that is driving this state and country into the ground and allowing the socialists to run wild by demonizing anyone who dares to defend the values and traditions that made this country great.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I agree with him about is that you can not have an open forum when people get shouted down.
I am against the health scam but people who favor it should be able to voice their opinion w/o getting shouted down.

This type of behaviour ie engaged in by people on the left and right and it is rude and boorish.

ambrosiajr said...

STS is definitely a hater...

And, of course, no one but STS has values and traditions...yup, just him. He knows better than anyone else what's good for this country...yup, just him.

And, I would bet your tax certificate that he would be the first one to start shouting...

Lets talk radical....

stopthesocialists said...

Thanks ambrosiajr for recognizing my deep-rooted values and traditions. It's gratifying that you are able to acknowledge my patriotism and support for everything that makes this country great. See ya in D.C. on the 12TH!! I can't make any promises, but I will try and get a "Don't Tread on Me" flag for you to hold.

Vin said...

Sean is 100% right. I agree that a lot of the people at the rally are genuinely concerned about this healthcare legislation but there were way too many people with signs that said 'Burn in Hell Ted Kennedy' or 'Obama Killed my Daughter' (Obamacare I've seen them both). My favorite was 'Arrest Acorn' - all issues that had little to do with healthcare.

There were way too many people who were there who are anti-Obama - which is fine, but just don't mask healthcare over it and at least debate it with some respect, not shouting people down and demanding to say the pledge of allegiance in the middle of the forum.

It ticked me off when anti-war protesters did it to President Bush and its wrong for those to do it to President Obama. People need to be able to disagree with some mutual respect.

As far as Sean Byrnes - he is in no way a liberal. Sean is a moderate, fiscally responsible elected official who served his country for 20+ years in the US Coast Guard, as a pastor and a prosecutor. His moderate views resonate with the majority of Monmouth County residents and I hope they know that in November.

If this is a race between Sean Byrnes and John Curley's record, qualifications & resume - Sean is the hands down the winner.

If this is about Jon Corzine and Barack Obama, healthcare, and everything else that has nothing to do with the issues vital to the people of Monmouth County, then it is a sad and distasteful distraction created by the Republican party.

Vin said...

Also, Art the very next line of the Two River Times article, the reporter writes...

"Shouting down the other side was the general theme of the meeting."

Thats a fact.... which was Sean's point.

Art Gallagher said...

Vin said...
Also, Art the very next line of the Two River Times article, the reporter writes...

"Shouting down the other side was the general theme of the meeting."

Thats a fact.... which was Sean's point.

Vin, it is a fact that that was the next line, which was the reporters assessment, not a fact.

In my experiance it was far from a "hateful" meeting. Passionate yes, but not hateful. No violence, no arrests. The police thought it went great.

Outside the meeting, people were both passionate and tolerant. It was a great sight to see and I was proud of everyone, on both sides, who attended.

Chris said...

I also want to say that the atmosphere was extremely civilized. A lot more than I expected, and a lot more than those townhalls (like Tim Bishop's one) where the pro-Obama groups brought out the union stormtroopers.

In line and inside, it was like being at a Jets game against.. say.. the Seahawks... you have the opposing team's fan next to you, you joke together, each supports his own team, but you can have beer together.

And Vin, that sign said "ObamaCare May Kill My Daughter", not "Obama Killed My Daughter"... which is a serious concern, due to rationing in the new bill.

Vin said...

Thats fine Art... but your title is misleading when it says Sean Byrnes: Town Hall Protestors Are Hateful.

He never said that.

He didn't say it was a hateful meeting in fact he said he was very impressed by the turnout and encouraged everyone to get involved and express their views on both sides...but he noticed that many signs were hateful...which they were. That is evident by many of the signs and what they were yelling and shouting. I was outside of the rally the entire time and noticed that also.

You don't have to have violence and arrests to be hateful.

Just confused why this is even a blog post or a relevant news story - it seems more like a hit job on Sean's candidacy which has nothing to do with the actual freeholder race.

I just wish the campaign would be on his ideas vs. John's ideas instead of stuff like this with very misleading titles.

Anonymous said...

Art - isn't this "Vin" guy the chairman of the West Long Branch Democrats and a wannabe player on the local political scene? I love how the Democrats come out and fight for the most liberal policies around and then try and tell you, "oh but we're moderates." I remember seeing Byrnes' website where he was bemoaning Christie's "lack of compassion" on his website. Translation? Christie is looking to cut some of the ridiculous spending, and the only recourse the liberals have is the old, tired "guilt trip" that people, quite frankly, are sick to death of. Don't forget, Byrnes special guest at his fundraiser was none other than the king of the liberals, Jon Corzine. Birds of a feather......

Art Gallagher said...

Oh please Vin.

Would you be happier if I made the headline read: Sean Brynes: Town Hall Protestors Almost Haters.

This is relevant to Sean's candidacy. He would not have been quoted if he were not a candidate for Freeholder. Sean used the word hateful. I didn't make him do it, but I am going to make sure that everyone I can hears about it.

And yes, I am going to do that because I think it hurt his candidacy, as you obviously think too.

I want every Monmouth County voter to know that Sean Byrnes said that the atmosphere at those events was almost hateful and that he thinks those attending were driven by anti-Obama feelings, not concern over their daughters healtcare.

John Curley was there last week. If the TRT reporter asked him for a quote, John would have given him a good one. Then it would have been about John's ideas vs Sean's ideas.

Did I somehow give you the impression that I was going to be objective and unbiased in the Freeholder race, Vin?

Sorry to disappoint you. I with John. There is picture of John with Chris Christie in the side bar. It links to John's website.

Anonymous said...

Consider me a "hater". A "hater" of people who are unaccountable and think they are entitled to free handouts. This great country was built on opportunity not freebies.

Anonymous said...

Byrnes doesn't deserve a vote for dog catcher let alone freeholder. I bet he supports this bill because there is no tort reform portion to it. So let's recap Sean Byrnes recent comments and votes:

1. Opposes a resolution supporting a bill in Trenton to abolish COAH

2. Opposes a resolution opposing the Governor's budget and its effects on the middle class.

3. Favors Obamacare

This guy makes Barney Frank look conservative.

Art Gallagher said...

Don't forget, Byrnes special guest at his fundraiser was none other than the king of the liberals, Jon Corzine. Birds of a feather......

I didn't know that!

And, it would appear that Vin, while still very active in the Monmouth Democratic party is no longer the West Long Branch Chairman. I found that out here:


Amy Quinn, Esq is now the West Long Branch chair, but look where Vin's name is...top billing as Brynes chief fundraiser for the event.

Hey Vin...2 questions...

1) Will you be disclosing your involvment in Sean's campaign prominently in your newspapers? Hey, I've got my biases advertised right up front...you should too.

2) Where are the pictures of Byrnes and Corzine? Hey, Corzine was the special guest, how come no photos? Not on Sean's facebook page, not on his website, not even on Middletown Mike's site. What gives Vin?

Sorry Vin, 2 more questions. If you don't know the answers, maybe you could have a reporter investigate...it will make could copy:

1) What were Sean and Loretta Weinberg doing at the Monmouth County Hall of Records last Thursday?

2) Has anyone picked Barbara McMorrow up from under the bus Sean threw her under yet?

Vin said...

Art - happy to respond.

You have every right to support who you want and I have every right to defend who I want...As i expect you to support John, I am going to defend Sean.

To answer your questions...

1) Sean is a friend of mine and I did a fundraiser for him. I think he would make a terrific freeholder and I would max out to his campaign if I could... Why shouldn't I, as a private citizen, be able to host a fundraiser for him?

2) I have no idea what you are talking about. Jon Corzine nor anyone from his campaign was ever at the fundraiser in Red Bank or any other fundraiser of Sean's from my knowledge...That is simply a false statement. It is really sad to make up things for the sake of making them up.

3) My newspapers do not make political endorsements. They are all community news items. I've encouraged every elected official to send letters to the editor in. We only have 2 political columnists and they both focus on state and national issues...One is a Democrat and the other is a Republican - I have no reason to politicize my businesses because the credibility of my product is how i pay my bills. Take a look and try to find one bias item anywhere in the newspapers...You won't not now and not during the elections.

My involvement in Sean's campaign? My involvement is that I am a volunteer. Any questions asked to Sean in the newspapers will be the same ones asked to John Curley.

I don't know anything about Sean, Loretta Weinberg, Barbara McMorrow or anything else your referring to. If you know something, then post whats on your mind without slandering anyone...But no need to spread unsubstantiated rumors.

Art, I respect you for supporting the Republicans - they're lucky to have such a committed, no-matter-what supporter....but in the same sense I'm going to defend my friend Sean Byrnes who I think will make a great freeholder.

Also, I missed you at Dave Rible's fundraiser last week? You were on the host committee - i was hoping to see you

Anonymous said...

Great comments as always Art. I hate this health plan period. Nothing about Obama, I hate this plan. And if Obama & Pallone are for this, I can not support them. As to some other comments, Ted Kennedy will burn in hell because he is a murder. The protesters had hand made signs. The people in favor had preprinted signs. Where did the come from? O yes artifical turfers. Please don't tell me that there is another newspaper that is all for the democrats. Which one now? Cant papers just report the news and not slant it for the dems?

Art Gallagher said...


Find out what happened in Freehold last Thursday and run an honest, who, what, where, when and why story on it. Then I'll believe there is no bias in your papers.

Let see who is a "no matter what" supporter.

Sorry I missed you at Dave's too.

Vin said...

Art with all respect, we don't do those type of articles. We actually stay away from those stories and we don't really put any controversy or investigative reporting in the papers on any politicians - Democrats or Republicans.

The papers are just community news items. This month we're releasing our 'Library News' section and our Recycling Calendar for all towns. That is the kind of newspaper it is - local, community news.

Dave Rible's bday was great - packed house, a lot of good people there. It was a lot of fun. He's doing a great job for the 9/11 first responders. He's being honored on 09/11 in Colts Neck - i think i sent you an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Better question: Why did Malcolm Carton deny the OPRA requests for the Hall of Records video tape when Sean, Loretta, Michelle Roth, and John Amberg did a campaign stop?

Anonymous said...

Sean Byrnes must have attened the Jon Corzine School of Politics- When you have nothing of substance to say, no plan, no true platform- attack the other guy. Is this what we need in Freehold with Flippy D'Amico and Box of Rocks Mallet

Anonymous said...

Art-Vin did not answer question one. Will he be disclosing his involvement in Seans campaign in his newpaper? Bias in the press? Unheard of LOL. This is a person running a newspaper raising funds for a Freeholder candidate. He is not a private citizen when he is running a newpaper! Do you know what happened in Freehold last week and will you be telling us?

Anonymous said...

Michael and Diane Gooch had it front page news of the TRT their fundraiser for Chris Christie this week which netted $250,000