Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good-bye Dino. Hello Joe.

The anonymous blogger known as Dino Crocetti has revealed his true identity at Save Jersey.

As a former anonymous blogger myself, I understand the limitations Joe Rivera felt and the wasted energy that goes into maintaining anonymity.

Joe will find, as I did, that notoriety has a price and responsibility. When the heat is on, and it will be if he keeps writing controversially, its best to maintain a sense of humour when you miss the anonymity.

My other advise to Joe...keep your nose clean and records in order....you never know when you'll get a visit from the taxman.

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Michael Roberts Internet Libel Litigation Consultant said...

A natural flaw of anonymous blogging is that credibility is reduced when seriously assessed by levelheaded and objective folk. Notwithstanding, there is a newfangled dynamic with the conundrum of ruthless & anonymous bloggers. Although vitriol might be clearly unfounded, when the victim is to be considered for a job, consulting awards, babysitting work (or courtship), then the person conducting the reference checks will probably look at the potential public relations exposure from associating with the target. Although the potential employer might see past the denunciation, the decision maker will need to give weight to what their customers and partners will imagine if less clever and objective.