Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chris Christie on Jon Corzine's Attempts to Run Away from His Failed Toll Hike Plan

Chris Christie:

"This is a crazy idea. This is a guy who wants to sell the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike - it was an awful idea when he came up with it the first time and now he trots it out to his friends at the New York Times at the last minute here. People of New Jersey better beware, if they give this guy another 4 years he is going to sell the turnpike, he is going to sell the parkway, and he is going to raise tolls 800 percent. He got caught in a rare moment of truth for Jon Corzine and the New York Times printed it and so he can't quite complain about the New York Times even though they endorsed him. So now that he is backing off like crazy, we know the truth - the truth is Jon Corzine always thinks he's right and he is going to sell the turnpike and raise tolls 800 percent."


Anonymous said...

Help! I know this isn't about Corzine directly, but about one of his Democratic party members in Matawan.

My husband and I moved to Delaware (Corzine economics) in July 2009. We lived in Matawan for 23+ years and specifically 7 months of this year. We never registered to vote in Delaware. We were told we could vote in NJ one last time this year. Now, Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney, is challenging our 2 absentee votes. As I was an outspoken resident at Borough Council meetings and questioned his ethics when he threatened to sue the Borough if the Pay to Play Ordinance was voted on, I see this as nothing more than a personal vendetta, at taxpayers cost. If Mullaney is successful in erasing our votes that means we will lose our right to vote this year. This would also mean voters who move during an election year would lose their votes. Doesn't seem right.

You seem to have access to an abudance of research, could you help us?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer. We promise to follow up on any advice you have to offer. You can contact me at

Agnes E. Falk

Art Gallagher said...


Mullaney is right on this one. If you don't live in Matawan, you can't vote in Matawan.

You should have registered to vote in Delaware. I don't know Delaware elections laws. Perhaps you can still register to vote there in time for this election.


Anonymous said...

Art, Thanks. I am receiving conflicting rules on NJS law. Someone emailed me stating that it is on the books as NJS law. We didn't register in Delaware as we do not know any of the candidates here. We have only lived here three months.

Will keep you in the loop as it unfolds.

Agnes Falk

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Agnes ,I sorry to hear you lose your vote ,but you are free at last !