Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Information, New Conclusion

This post is for the pundits and editorial boards who called Corzine a decent and honorable man, even if they were endorsing someone else for governor.

Corzine is saying that the New York Times mischaracterized his statement about reviving his 800% toll rising, asset monetization scheme. The Times is standing by their story.

Now Corzine is saying there will be no toll increases in a second term. But, he's already approved a 50% increase in tolls to take place in 2012.

Corzine is not backing off the part of his interview with the Times where he said that his original asset monetization scheme was too big, too soon, at the wrong time. He said that New Jersey citizens opposed his scheme because we saw the recession coming.

Hmmm. Remember Corzine's ads that said he saw the recession coming and took steps to prevent it? Who saw it coming first, the citizens opposed to his borrow billions and raise tolls scheme or Corzine while he was pushing the scheme.

In his best selling book, "Too Big To Fail" author Andrew Ross Sorkin tells the story of Corzine getting fired as CEO of Goldman Sachs in large part because of schemes he deceitfully attempted to hide from his partners on the firm's management team.

For four years Corzine deceitfully hid his plans from New Jersey voters, and he is continuing to do so. Are we to believe that his plans to raise significant revenue from the toll roads consists only of advertising at rest stops (insert McGreevy joke here) and allowing commercial development on rights of way? Besides, isn't COAH requiring low income housing on those rights of way?

Corzine also said that new information justifies new conclusions when explaining why he now regrets supporting, as a U.S. Senator, Chris Christie for U.S. Attorney. As this campaign comes to a close, Corzine has given those who have written about him as "decent and honorable" a justification for a new conclusion.

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