Thursday, October 01, 2009

Christie Web Videos


Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that some voters may be impacted by this meaningless crap.

Anonymous said...

meaningless for sure: people want their TAXES lowered, you idiots..they really have to stop right now with this: "throw anything out there, maybe something will stick", mentality: it's the Gov's race, you idiots!.. talk about rank amateurs acting like they just got out of campaign school or poli sci class in college- or, is it: just go and hire more friends who have no stake in the actual winning of this race, and grab a paycheck, win or lose:.. are there no decent GOP strategists in this entire nation?.. bring back Karl Rove and Dick Morris, oh, I forgot, it's the NJ GOP: we can't afford anything,'cause we never WIN!!.. ugh!