Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Christie "Wins" On The Line: Decision 2009 "Debate"

Steve Abudato hosted On The Line: Decision 2009 with Jon Corzine, Chris Christie and Chris Daggett last night. The show was broadcast on WNET13, NJN, Jazz88 radio and live streamed on Each candidate appeared separately with Abudato, answering pre-recorded questions from citizens, emailed questions and call in questions. Christie went first, followed by Daggett and then Corzine.

The show can be viewed here.

Christie did very well. He answered the "specifics" critics right off the bat with the first question. As he has proposed throughout the campaign, he said he would take a different approach to state spending with zero based budgeting. Every program will be reviewed, evaluated and audited with an eye towards savings, rather than automatically renewed. He gave a couple of examples of obvious cuts that added up to about 1/2 billion dollars. He didn't reveal all $8 billion plus that he will have to cut, but he told us how he would go about doing it. That's more than Daggett and Corzine have done. They have both assured higher taxes.

While not "magnificent" in his 10 or so minutes, neither was Christie combative or dour, as he had been characterized after the first debate. He was likable and forthright. While I think he needs to bring more optimism to his message, the more people who see and hear the Christie who appeared last night, the better he will do on election day.

Chris Daggett was awful. His tax cut plan was exposed as a tax increase. He was patronizing and insincere. He established himself as a Trenton insider and characterized Christie as a Trenton outsider by criticising him for not having state government experience. Dagget quipped during the first debate that Corzine and Christie sounded as if they might vote for him. During this appearance, Daggett made a terrific argument for electing Christie. The more people get to know Daggett, the better Christie will do on election day.

Corzine was the same man we have come to know and can't wait till he leaves. With his jaw clenched and his head bobbing he told us what a wonderful job he has done and how he wants to spend more money that we don't have.


Anonymous said...

Christie is full of shit. He isn't mentioning where he will cut $8 billion from the budget because he can't and won't make cuts that deep. If elected, he will pull a McGreevey and announce that the budget problems are so much worse than what he originally thought. He will then quickly forget anything he said during the campaign and proceed to govern like the liberal that he is.

Taxes and spending will continue to increase under a Christie Administration. Liberal judicial activists will continue to get appointed to the bench under a Christie Administration. Because he offers no significant alternative to what the Democrats currently offer the electorate, what's left of the New Jersey Republican party will continue to suffer as a result.

Anonymous said...

It will be worse for Republicans if he wins because then the democrats can share the blame with the GOP. Better Corzine wins and the people learn the real cost of democrat rule. Since only 10% less of the Republican politicians are crooks then the dems though, don't hold your breath for any real change.

Anonymous said...

send Obama a strong message on Healthcare ... vote Christie.

If we win in Virginia and NJ, the blue dogs will be running for the hills. This NJ election has more at stake than just local politics.

A vote for Dagget is a vote for Corzine. Simple.

Obama Lies; Seniors will die!