Thursday, October 08, 2009

Senate GOP Bows Out Of Leadership Battle

The NJ Senate GOP unanimously voted to support Tom Kean,Jr as Senate President next year, effectively ending Dick Codey's long tenure as Senate President.

With 17 of 40 Senate seats, the minority GOP had reportedly been courted by Codey who has lost a majority of the Democratic votes to South Jersey Senator Steve Sweeney.

Sweeney is said to have 14 Democratic votes to Codey's 13. If Codey and his supporters vote for Kean, Junior would follow in his father's footsteps by leading a legislative chamber as a minority member. Tom Kean, Sr was elected Assembly Speaker in 1972 with the support of four Democrats.

Don't bet on that happening.


Anonymous said...

Tom Kean, Jr. supports legalized abortion. He is hostile to Second Amendment rights. (He received an "F" from the NRA.) He supports gay rights. He voted to confirm that liberal, judicial activist, Justice Albin. In short, Tom Kean, Jr. is a liberal's liberal.

But yet this is who all 17 Republicans in the New Jersey Senate have chosen to lead them? Little wonder so many conservatives in New Jersey are so reluctant to support Chris Christie, the favorite son of the New Jersey Democrat-lite (Republican) party. Little wonder why New Jersey Republicans receive so little respect from Republicans throughout the nation.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a sore lonegan LOSER!