Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daggett A Tax Cheat?

Chris Daggett is not paying campaign employees payroll taxes, classifying them as independent contractors. He is also not making health insurance available to his employees.

By classifying a staffer as an independent contractor, the staffer is responsible for paying their own taxes and Daggett's campaign saves the cost of employers payroll taxes.

Politickernj has the story.


ambrosiajr said...

So do real estate companies, limo companies, and a whole slew of other companies. We use freelance writers, graphic artists, retouchers and account people as needed. These are temporary workers that welcome the employment whenever we can use them.

So what? This deserves a mention why?

Tax cheat? Hardly. Why would you write something like that? It seems out of character.

Art Gallagher said...


Politickernj raised the question because the other campaigns treat their employees as, well employees.

Real Estate sales people are self employed. Many pay a fee to their brokers for use of the phone, pay for ads, etc. Limo companies may be walking a fine line, both with the IRS and with their insurance companies if their drivers are not employees.

There is a difference between a freelancer and a campaign staffer.

I wrote about this because I think it is a legit question.

Anonymous said...

If their only client is daggett, its illegal. wirters, artists, etc. have other clients.

lawman said...

As an attorney I would say Daggett is walking a very fine line and may be violating the law. it would depend on a number of factors such as the tasks they are performing, the hours they work and the amount of control he execises over them. If he has a secretary that is working full time only for him i do not think he can get away with calling her an independent contractor.

Anonymous said...

Going negative on Daggett, Art? I can't say that I'm surprised. Christie and his camp are sounding more desperate each day. Christie is a sinking ship.

stopthesocialists said...

Gee Art, you would think that if Corzine is going to plant an Independent candidate, have Lesniak's pal Jim Devine funnel money into his campaign and get the mayor of Montgomery Township (a Dem) to endorse him, the least he could do would be to think of these details. Now, with Daggett's tax increase plan getting hammered and his shady payroll scam coming to light, Corzine will have to think of another way to steal the election. Is it too late to call in the ACORN cheats? Surely Mickey Mouse can still be swayed to vote for the pathetic failure in Drumthwacket.

Anonymous said...

And Christie had us taxpayers pay $700 for a limo to take him from the airport instead of renting a car for $49 and driving himself. Everyone is missing the real issues. A vote for Corzine or Christie is a vote to keep NJ controlled by corrupt party machines.

James Hogan said...

Anon - 10:43 - As a serious inquiry - if I'm supposed to believe that Daggett somehow represents no party machines, please explain Daggett's biography on his own website that seems to tie him, rather closely, through his own past work, to party politics in both Trenton and DC.

I mean, if I understand correctly, there was a time when he was being investigated for a GW Bush fundraiser while working for the EPA, which means that all of those folks listening to Corzine say that voting for Christie means voting for GWB, and who are going to vote Daggett to avoid the Bush link, are still voting for a GWB candidate.

And if you don't view Daggett as having ties to GWB as a bad thing, then consider that Daggett was appointed by Corzine himself to a DEP task force position which tells me that he's a pal to Corzine and/or someone in the Corzine camp.

I'd love to be proven wrong on my understanding of who Daggett (thinks he) is for this election, otherwise, I'm certain that I will NOT be voting for Daggett who, IMO, is an insider with debt due to both camps.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Dagget. Have to start busting party boss power and corruption even if it only a small step. Current two party system has failed in this State. Keeping GOP and Dems changing power is pointless. Until NJ and the country has a new choice no real reform will occur. Argument he owes debt to both camps is stupid and pointless if he wins as independent.

stopthesocialists said...

No friggin way Daggett wins anything except an appointment in a second Corzine administration. First of all, this guy's plan to raise a zillion new taxes is insane, so even if he were a legitimate candidate, his policies are crazy. Second, anyone who votes for the spoiler Daggett shows the party bosses nothing. If anything, it will show them that if you run an independent candidate, there are enough lame brains willing to throw their vote away. Remember the people who voted for Murray Sabrin or Ross Perot? They were going to show everyone and make a grandiose statement to the world. Can someone remind me exactly what they accomplished? Don't be a hypocrite - just vote for Corzine and skip the pious diatribe.

Anonymous said...

How Ridiculous

Even the laywyers comment is BS. Just about every corporation in America does the same thing, whether you call them contractor's or consultants.

This is perfectly legal its the employee's responsibility to pay their own taxes.