Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rasmussen: Christie 45%, Corzine 41%, Daggett 9%

However, the race may be even closer than those numbers suggest. When voters are asked their initial choice, 38% name Christie, 38% Corzine, and 16% prefer Daggett. But 57% of Daggett’s supporters say they could change their minds before election day. That dwarfs the number of swayable Corzine and Christie voters.

Read Rasmussen's report here.

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Anonymous said...

time to wake up, get those friends and fam out to the polls,or, better yet, turn in some "good" absentee ballots, and let's get this done!..anybody wasting a vote on Daggett needs to be told that all they're doing is guaranteeing these tax and spend creeps won't change faces or their ways for 4 more exhausting and wallet-busting's time to help ourselves for once and tell the unions and urban "takers" WE won't take it any more!!