Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming Hoax Exposed

By Alan Caruba

The revelations that scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) doctored the data supporting the global warming claims of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) means that EVERYTHING attributed to or based upon “global warming” is invalid.

It means the Kyoto Climate Protocols that nations agreed to on December 11, 1997 and which entered into force on February 16 2005, and all subsequent agreements based on “global warming” have no validity, scientifically or as the basis for public action by any nation, state, province, city or town.

It means that Al Gore’s pusillanimous “documentary” is a fraud along with just about every other statement uttered by any scientist, academician, or politician claiming that something, anything, should be done to avoid “global warming.”

There is no “global warming”, if by that discredited term, you mean a dramatic increase in the Earth’s temperature, the vast rising of ocean levels, the melting of the polar ice caps, and the thousands of other things attributed to a massive fraud orchestrated by the IPCC and a vast network of scientists and environmental groups that benefited from the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars they received in grants and other payments for their “research.”

Global warming, allegedly the result of rising levels of “greenhouse gas emissions”, primarily carbon dioxide (C02), underwrites the sale of “carbon credits” that industries, utilities, and other entities purchased for the “right” to use energy and as further revelations about the doctoring and virtual invention of false scientific data become known, it means those sales were a complete fraud.

It was never really a secret. You could have read about in “Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don’t Want You to Know” and a dozen other books I can put my hand on this very moment. The only thing missing was the proverbial “smoking gun” and the revelations about the CRU now confirms what the “deniers” and “skeptics” kept saying.

It’s worth keeping in mind that in several Northeastern States, utilities were required by law to purchase these worthless carbon credits and spend millions, not on improvements to the electric grid, not on building more capacity to serve their customers, but on what is worthless paper.

Someone needs to go to jail.

The release of thousands of emails and other data, now believed to be the work of a conscious-stricken CRU insider, will as they are examined in detail reveal what has long been known to those actively opposing the “global warming” fraud. As Christopher Horner, the author of “Red Hot Lies”, recently noted, the CRU and its lead scientists refused for years to release the data which they alleged proved that “global warming” was happening.

This data and the periodic reports of the IPCC are the basis for the existence of the IPCC, the Kyoto Protocol, and the “cap-and-trade” legislation awaiting a vote in the U.S. Congress. Horner observed “After running out of excuses, in September CRU’s Phil Jones simply claimed that he had lost the data so, sorry, no one can check it.” Horner called it “implausible beyond comprehension.”

And yet the United States and the representatives of many other nations will gather in Copenhagen in December for yet another UN conference on climate change, the now preferred synonym for “global warming.” Basing any international treaty on climate change or global warming is an utterly deceitful act.

The IPCC conference is based on the original Kyoto Protocol and, since there is no global warming, and since the science supporting it has been revealed to be false and misleading, no action should be taken other to disband the IPCC entirely.

All U.S. laws and regulations based on the so-called “global warming” should be reexamined and exorcised from the Congressional Register and from all state bodies of law. Most certainly, “cap-and-trade” should be withdrawn from further consideration.

Beyond that, school books about the environment must now be reviewed to determine how much of their content is invalid as well.

The undoing of this fraud must begin and begin NOW!

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information on “scare campaigns” designed to influence public opinion and policy. He blogs daily at http://factsnotfantasy.blogspot.com.

Art's comment:

Al Gore should get to keep the Oscar. Many who should have known better fell for that act.


David said...

The warmists are putting a spin on this but these emails really expose anthropogenic global warming as a fraud.

Publish or perish! That's what young lecturers are told at universities.

The warmists controlled all the scientific publications. If you were trying to get published so you could get or keep a job at a university, the only way to do so was to publish materials that supported the hypotheis that there was anthropogenic global warming. Challenge that theory and you couldn't get published and you were gone. Note, many of the skeptics are established scientists who had tenure and could afford to speak their minds.
Such as Professor Giegelback at the University of Pennsylvania or Professor Gray at Colorado State.

If you published garbage that supported the theories Mann, Jones and the rest were pushing, you had a much better chance of getting published than if you did legitimate research.

Mann, Jones and their financial backers should be sued for this fraud by those who couldn't get published because of their deliberate efforts to control the academic journals.

Anonymous said...

the only thing more annoying than a flawed premise, is the refusal to acknowledge same.. Odrama is going to Copenhagen anyway to perpetuate the Global-Gore-nonsense, and the libs will still try and ruin what's left of any of our industry and economy, for their utopian bullcrap!

Anonymous said...

I shake my head in embarrassment and deep concern at the likes of anyone who touts nonsensical drivel such as what has been posted here.. I mean really.. I just "hacked" the Vatican's emails to find out Jesus NEVER EXISTED..and all those old fuckers are laughing their asses off while screwin little boys.. So quite frankly by YOUR standards LET'S TOSS OUT THE BIBLE and save ourselves future generations of BLOODSHED!!! You probably believe in "remote" WAR too!!! I am ready to send some people to JAIL! LOL what a maroon!