Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarlo to Baroni: "That's Bulls**t Bill"

Senator Paul Sarlo, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Mayor of Wood Ridge lost his cool today when he couldn't get one of his cronies confirmed for a third government paycheck, according to Bob Ingle.

Ingle quotes the double dipping Sarlo with at least four "bullsh**ts", one directed at Senator Bill Baroni.

I expect we'll be hearing worse coming out of Trenton in the months and years ahead.


Anonymous said...

3 government jobs is nothing. Mike Halfacre must have had a dozen government jobs in recent years. He has been feeding at the public trough for most of his adult life.

Chris said...

Which exactly are Mike Halfacre's government jobs? Don't need the full list of a dozen, maybe just 5-6? I'll start, to help you... Mayor. What are the others?

Anonymous said...

Halfacre is or was the Municipal Court prosecutor in Rumson, Little Silver, Tinton Falls, Keansburg, etc, etc. He is also the lawyer for the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Little Silver. (Just to name a few of his public jobs.)

Halfacre has so many government jobs that reminds me of that character on In Living Color that had a dozen jobs at the same time.


Chris said...

Halfacre was a Municipal Prosecutor before being a Mayor. Of course he had jobs before. Being a Mayor is not his first job. Most people in politics move from one job to the other in that field. It's only bad when they have several high-paid government jobs at the same time.

Tinton falls Taxpayor said...

Michael Halfacre has never been the prosecutor in Tinton Falls.
As to the other Jobs what is wrong with doing a job and getting paid for it.
certainly he is qualified for those jobs. They are all part time jobs and none of them pay a great deal. he did not hold more then a few of them at a time.
I fail to see what the issue is. someone has to do this work. Why not him?