Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's up with these Congressional hearings about Toyota?

As a function of my business, I own several hundred vehicles. We get hundreds of recall notices per year, the vast majority from GM and Ford.

Why are there Congressional hearings and media outrage over the Toyota recalls?

There's probably a bit of "Tiger Woods syndrome" going on here. Like Woods, Toyota's image was so good that screwing up is big news. But Congressional hearings?

Could the hearings have anything to do with the fact that the government owns GM?

Last year during "cash for clunkers" I considered replacing my Toyota. Given the economy, I decided to keep it for at least another 100,000 miles.


Anonymous said...

Get a copy of the Wall Street Journal and read Holmans article on the op ed page.

Congress is doing their usuall hit job on Toyota.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Toyota.

Anonymous said...

Toyota is an evil company because it makes obscene profits, doesn't need Government help and is not unionized. The Government should force them to unionize.

James Hogan said...

Good points Anon - The government should also employ thousands of software engineers (should I send my resume to, at market premiums due to the urgency, to extract any and all trade secrets from Toyota's onboard computer systems.

Middletown Conservative said...

Ultimate goal is to unionize Toyota.

Anonymous said...

they hate what they cannot totally control, read: ruin.. never thought this country would get so wrecked!..agree, have had 5 Toyotas,loved 'em.. ( yeah, am driving the new one a tad slower these days, but, ok, that's not a bad thing!)

Can't stand these phonies! said...

they think it'll grab the stage and make us forget that they'll be ramming socialized medicine right up where we wish the sun would shine.. not gonna happen!..anything to postpone doing what they oughta be doing: earning their comfortable keep by making our lives a bit easier, rather than drive us more into bankruptcy with their never-ending and increasing taxes!..