Monday, March 08, 2010


Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots endorse tax-cutting Fair Haven Mayor as grassroots support continues to grow

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, Republican Congressional candidate in NJ-12, today announced he has received the support of the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots, the fifth major New Jersey Tea Party group to endorse the tax cutting Fair Haven Mayor in his bid for the Republican nomination.

“I am thrilled to announce the support of the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots,” said Halfacre. “Our shared commitment to fiscal responsibility, limited government, individual liberty, and a strong national defense is a message which will resonate with voters of the 12th District, in June and in November.”

Halfacre continued, “That message will be spread not just by glossy mailers and radio ads, but person to person and group to group, through email, social networking and other more personal means of communication. With the help of true grassroots organizations like the Tea Party groups, we will spread the message that I am the best candidate to defeat Rush Holt and give the 12th District of New Jersey a representative who reflects their values, not the values of Nancy Pelosi.”

Before choosing which candidate to support in NJ-12, Halfacre and his opponent, former hedge fund manager Scott Sipprelle both appeared before members of the group to speak about their records and answer detailed questions from the members of the group on a number of issues. Members were then polled to determine who the group wanted to support.

Mark A. Falzon, event director for the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots, said “Mr. Halfacre represents the values that Tea Parties statewide hold dear: fiscal responsibility, constitutional government and security for our nation against her enemies. We congratulate Mr. Halfacre and look forward to assisting him in this campaign.”

Halfacre concluded “My campaign continues to build momentum with the support of grassroots organizations all over New Jersey. My record of cutting taxes and spending in Fair Haven stands in stark contrast to Nancy Pelosi and Rush Holt, who continue to pursue a big government agenda which is at odds with the will of the American people. I believe I am the best candidate to defeat Rush Holt in November, and I am humbled and grateful to have the support of the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots in my efforts.

Tea Party groups who have previously announced their support of Mayor Halfacre include: the North New Jersey Tea Party Group, NJ Tea Party, the Bayshore Tea Party Group, and the Ocean County Citizens for Freedom.


Anonymous said...

Mark A. who? Another meaningless endorsement.

Anonymous said...

This will be an interesting test.

Will the tea party endorsements translate into a win? How many votes will it equal in the primary?

Will it effect who gets the line in any of the primarys?

The line is still very important. Sipperelle will get Mercer and despite Sipperelle having made some inroads with a few municipal chairs Halfacre is pretty safe in Monmouth.

Where the game is on is in Middlesex and Hunterdon. Middlesex has an open primary. The tea party could have an impact there.

I think both candidates need those two counties. If Sipperelle gets them Halfacre has a real race on his hands.Monmouth may not be enough to give it to him. If Halfacre gets them its game over for Sipperelle.

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Woohooo!! I hear he's got a couple of endorsements from the Romulans and Vulcans (Leonard Nimoy / Spock abstaining) in the pipeline too!!! Unfortunately what support Halfacre actually had among terrestrial Republicans is visibly eroding by the day...

Anonymous said...

I think it funny how Sipprell went to teh JSTP meetings, Twice! He clearly wanted thier endorsement, and now, he's on here saying, bigggie

Anonymous said...

art who cares about this tea nonsense, these endorsements mean they get 4 more canvassers.

More relevant today's news stories are that Supperelle won the endorsement of Sam Thompson which means he'll get the line in Middlesex in addition to Mercer.

Just as relevant is that Halfacre won the support of Curley which means he has the bulk of Monmouth and will likely get the line. We're going to have a real primary now.

Your not even being bias anymore, your just not posting newsworthy items anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a cup of coffee then!

Anonymous said...

"Sipprell went to teh JSTP meetings, Twice!" Whaaaaat??? I thought Artie said Sipprell wasn't talking to anybody??? Well, which is it Art? He seems to be talking to people when you want to trumpet some minor endorsement, but not otherwise:-)

Anonymous said...

There was never any question about halfacre getting the line in Monmouth. At best sipperelle wil get 25% of the screening committee to vote fro him. Curley endorsement not a suprise either considering how much support he got from Beck and Oscanlon and they are now big halfacre supporters.
Sipperelle getting Thompsons endorsement is HUGE. Gives him a leg up in Middlesex and he needs to get Middlesex to stay in the game. Doesn't guarantee he wins the line there. Because it is an open primary if Halfacre can run a good ground game he could still pull it off.
This is anybodys race.

Anonymous said...

Art: This latest tea party endorsement of Halfacre is a minor story at best, but you have given it essentially "front page" treatment. A much bigger story is Sam Thompson's endorsement of Sipprelle, but you haven't even mentioned that endorsement on your blog. Are you Halfacre's de facto campaign manager?

Art Gallagher said...

Are you Halfacre's de facto campaign manager?

Not at all. Sipprelle's campaign is welcome to have their press releases posted here too. They just have to pay the price of admission...give me access to the candidate or buy an ad.

Anonymous said...

Thompson's endorsement sounds like a Middlesex thing, and this blog is still title moreMONMOUTHmusings.

Anonymous said...

Reading this blog is probably pretty similar to reading an old Soviet-style newspaper circa 1957. All the news that Art wants you to know. We know what happened to USSR. Guess Art doesn't know his history too well

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure Halfacre has the Monmouth County line.

Anonymous said...

hey, this IS Art's blog, after all!!.. we're fortunate it's an outlet and info source for interested politicos- not the only source, but one for our area that is a service and a favor-so, we don't get to tell the owner what to say or emphasize..I say "thanks, Art"..

Anonymous said...

"I am not sure Halfacre has the Monmouth County Line"

Do the Math, Sipperelle will get the Vote of The Manalapan Chair, Middletown, Maybe Marlboro, Tinton Falls is a toss up if the even show.
Be generous and give him marlboro and the enigma called red Bank.
Remember only the Chairman from each town gets a vote not the municipal connitte people or the elected officials

Halfacre gets all or almost all elected County and state offials.
He gets Fair Haven, Little Silver , Rumson, Oceanport, Eatontown and Holmdel.

At large delegates (womens Fed, rep. Repub club) will go to Halfacre because he is the Hometown Boy. What puts Halfacre in the cat bird seat is his strong support among elected state and County officials . They have a lot of influence in that distrctwith the other people voting.

Remember no election is the same and no two distrcts are the same.
You have to llok at each one seperatly

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. The party line is decided by the party bosses, not even the rank and file County Committeemembers. Guess the bosses are concerned the masses will not support the insider trading that goes on at the top. No wonder most people stay home come election day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the system sucks.

You can say what you want about Fred Nieman but he had the most open system of any chairman for picking who the party was backing.

When are we getting bylaws like the new statute require?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:12am, I've done the math and your analysis makes no sense. If only the muni chairs vote, what other "elected county and state officials" come from towns like Fair Haven, Rumson, Oceanport and Eatontown whose vote would count in getting the county line?? You already stipulated county committee members themselves have no who are these 'mystery voters'? And how do you know this is the process?

Anonymous said...

"what other Elected county and state officials" come from towns like Fair Haven, Rumson, Oceanport and Eatontown"

Thats how Joe oxely has run it in the past.I am assuming he will not change in mid stream but it could happen.
Who else gets a vote.
Declan Oscanlon,I think Sean Kean lives in that congressional district.
Ed Stominski,John Curley,
Joe Oxely and Diane Gooch as chairman and vice Chair get a vote.

I do not think that Beck or casgrande get a vote even though it is in their legislative district
because the towns they live in are in different congressional districts, However Beck and Bennettt will be exerting all the influence they have to get Halfacre the line.
Then there are the groups like the womens federation, Affiliated club and young republicans, their leaders get a vote.
There are probably some other past elected i do not know about.
There are probably some others past elected officials I do not know about.

I think Halfacre wins the lines by at least a couple of votes.

Not saying thats how I would vote (or not) just doing an analysis.