Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Halfacre on Holt, Mike Pappas and Life

In this fifth segment of my "job interview" with Mike Halfacre we move from our focus on the research he's done on Rush Holt to the comments he made at CPAC about Mike Pappas. We then deal with his stand on the Life Agenda.

This is the best one so far.


Baba O'Riley said...

Ugh he can dance it around all he wants but he flipped on abortion,which is a shame since I liked his original position.

Come on Mike, don't change it just to win the primary.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares what my opinion is that doesn't mean I don't hand it out all over the place.
I stopped taking what peple say at face value years ago. I am too old and have been lied too to many times for that. I am a skeptic and a cynic.

Maybe I am wrong. I can't present proof as to why butI just do not believe it. Unfair? Maybe.

But in my mind it doesn't matter because the other guy admits he is not pro- life.

PS Zimmer was not a staunch conservative on every other issue. he was weak on the second amendment. The best that can be said is that he was a fiscal conservative.

Anonymous said...

Mike "Flipper" Halfacre flips coins to make decisions, flips on opinions to get support and will flip on promises if you give him this nomination.

After all, that is what professional political animals do. They tell you whatever you want and need to hear at any given time to get what they want.