Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gooch, Halfacre Win at Middlesex County Screening

Diane Gooch will be the Middlesex County GOP screening committee's recommended candidate to the county convention for the CD 6 nomination by virture of her 23-11 victory over Highlands Mayor Anna Little.

In CD 12 Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre defeated Scott Sipprelle 22-14 at last night's meeting, despite the endorsement of Sipprelle by incoming county chairman Assemblyman Sam Thompson. Halfacre fell two votes short of the 2/3 threashold required to obtain "recommended" status.

Middlesex County Republicans will select their nominee for the primary at an open convention on March 27 at the Middlesex County Vocational School, 112 Rues Lane, East Brunswick. Any Middlesex County Republican can register as a delegate by submitting this form and a $10 registration fee to Middlesex County Headquarters, 530 Amboy Ave, Woodbridge by this Saturday, March 13 at 4PM.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise?

Anonymous said...

That clearly hurts but it doesn't mean they can not get the line. It matters who can get the most delegates to the convention.

In any event there will be a primary.

the really interesting thing is that it looks like in one race the money person will be the underdog and in the other race it will be the grass roots candidate.

The irony is that money is probably more powerful in the 12th and I would argue that grass roots is more powerful in the 6th.

But what the hell do I know?

Anonymous said...

Exactly- What do we know

The mistake you are making is coming to a decision before you have heard Diane Gooch or looked at her background. She will resonate with grass roots and independants in CD6- she is amazingly down to earth and has a regualr background and is a fiscal conservative.

So we get the best of both worlds. a candidate that can raise money and fund a campaign and resonate with grass roots

James Hogan said...

Like many other folks, I got a letter in the mail from Gooch yesterday outlining her 5 point plan. For anyone who might not have been so fortunate to receive such a letter, it reads something like this:

Dear [Insert name here],
I have a 5 point plan to fix everything:
1) Tax less
2) spend less
3) save the planet like Al Gore
4) Stop corruption
5) Bring about world peace
Your's truely, Diane Gooch.

And I think this is a great outline, but seems to lack the "how" part of the equation.

Surely, out of complete coincidence,it couldn't be planned, Frank Pallone also sent me his "it's election year, I should pretend I do something" flyer in which his marketing people really sell the case to vote for him and oddly enough cites the same basic principles as Gooch... go figure.

BTW - Gooch DOES NOT seem to have a website... Anna Little, she has a website ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in both races no candidate could reach that "recommendation" (endorsement) threshold.

So, by their own standards and rules, no one was worthy of their 'blessing'.

On that, I believe, we can all agree.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:31 i have looked at her background and have heard her.

Nice Lady but here is the problem.

Frank Pallone is one of the best retail politicians in the state of NJ. He will wage class warfare aginst her and it will work.
he will then take her husbands dredit derivative fortune make it in to a millstone tie it around her neck and throw her off a bridge. He will destroy her.

I am not saying I agree. I am not saying it is right. I am saying that it will happen. lets be realistic. Perception is reality

Anonymous said...

"Interesting that in both races no candidate could reach that "recommendation" (endorsement) threshold."

It is my understanding that halfacre gets the recomendation but Sipperelle is also on the convention ballott.

In the other race Anna did not get enough votes to get on the ballott and can only win with a floor nomination and enough write in votes.

Is that incorrect?

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be so interesting.. Gooch did get the recommendation by winning more than 2/3 of the votes.. has a website too. And I thought this was a forum for informed people. Interesting?

Anonymous said...

sorry, Little's website is far better..not that content,message, principles, guts, and experience mean anything, anymore- quite obviously, they don't!.. right now, looks like,while the rest of the country wakes up and votes more Rep., we'll be back to the loss column again:that sure was a fast "reddening" of NJ, fade to pink, purple, oh, no, back to blue, in one damn cycle, at the rate we're going, so far this year!..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.50pm-

If Pallone even mentions her or her husbands name then that means his pollsters have figured she's a threat. You won't hear boo from him before September. By then if she has the momentum and the independants are chucking out the incumbents since she will be well funded as opposed to a the career politician Anna liitle- it will be game over for Pallone.

Anonymous said...

Oh- and by the way- for the uniformed- Gooch did win the "recomendation" from the Middlesex screeners. Not bad for a candidate who's name they hadn't heard 4 weeks ago-

And since they didn't go for Sippprelle- it obviously wasn't about the money- must be the candidate.

Anonymous said...

"By then if she has the momentum and the independants are chucking out the incumbents since she will be well funded as opposed to a the career politician Anna liitle- it will be game over for Pallone."

Here is the problem with this argument.
Anna Has a proven record of bucking the system. She is dare I say it a "maverick" The "career politician" attempted slur will not stick.
It is the Gooch's who have been giveing money to "career Politicians" and empty suits (more to Democrats then republicans btw)for years.

As to the Money argument. Doesn't matter.
Christy and Brown proved money doesn't trump message and more importantly Grass Roots Support.

I have no doubt that the power brokers will deny Anna the line.
They are afraid of her because ehe does not do business as usual and they are drooling at the prospect of getting their hands on some of gooch's money.'

It will not matter the Grass roots will win her the primary and sweep her into office!

Anonymous said...

Diane Gooch has given dollars to Republicans only- its all in the public record.