Thursday, March 11, 2010


Once again, tax-cutting Fair Haven Mayor triumphs over self-funded Wall Street insider

Little Silver, NJ- 12th District Republican Congressional candidate Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre won an upset victory last night at the Middlesex County Republican Organization screening committee vote in Old Bridge by a 22-14 margin, a result that Halfacre pointed out was becoming a trend.

“I am humbled and honored that a significant majority of the Middlesex County Republican screening committee members voted for me as the best candidate to defeat Rush Holt in November,” said Halfacre. “This is now the sixth consecutive group of informed and engaged citizens who, when given the choice between a Republican mayor who has cut taxes and another wealthy former Wall Streeter, has chosen me. As we move toward the full convention on March 27th, I will continue to contrast my record with that of my opponent, and I am confident that my message will resonate with the convention delegates in the same way it did with the screening committee.”

Halfacre was referring to the endorsements he has received from five major New Jersey Tea Party groups over the past two months.

Halfacre pointed out that a significant amount of his support came from municipal organizations in Middlesex and said that fact should not be lost on the leadership of the party.

“I know part of Mr. Sipprelle’s appeal to some of the Middlesex Republican leaders has been his promise of financial support, but I’m hopeful that after tonight’s vote, some of those leaders will listen to what many grassroots leaders are saying- they don’t want the rich candidate, they want the right candidate. And in this environment, I think more and more people agree that a mayor who has governed by traditional Republican values and has cut property taxes and spending is the right candidate."


Anonymous said...

I have a question?
To all those people who don't want Siperrelle because he gave to Democrats.

Do you care that in 2006 Diane Gooch gave Fifty Thousand dollars to NY democrat Tom Souuzzi?

Will the Halfacre campaign condem that even though Gooch is one of his Donors?
According to "Follow the money" in the Five years before that she had given a total of $10,000.00 to republicans in state races.

Or how about the fact that her husband Gave $10,000.00 to Andrew Coumo.

Both donations are larger then even multiple donations given to any one Republican candidate.

I just want to know are we applying the same standard every where?

Anonymous said...

Let's be 'spin-free'.

He did NOT get the screening committee's recommmendation.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky tea baggers must've infiltrated the screening committee. Why do you keep posting these meaningless endorsements Art instead on focusing on real news?

Anonymous said...

He didnt mean the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Meaningless endorsements...LOL

This was a huge loss for Sipprelle. He got the endorsement of the incoming chair and basically offered to finance every local election and still got crushed.

Anonymous said...

I think this was a huge loss for Halfacre, who couldn't win the recommendation in a county where he is taking the votes for granted. And if your statement is true (never saw any proof of it) that Sipprelle has offered to fund other GOP elections, what on earth is wrong with that?? Seems you have issues with any donations Sipprelle makes, which really deflates your argument. Don't you want candidates other than Mike Halfacre to win? We should all be working together for the good of the whole, the good of the GOP.....not for one man alone. Geesh.

Anonymous said...

omg, please stop. a huge loss for halfacre?? you have to be kidding. that is the lamest spin i've ever heard...the sipprelle people are really getting desperate.

i think the point was not that there's anything wrong with funding's that sipprelle was offering to do it and he still lost.

Anonymous said...

This is the closest that Hlafacre will ever get to taking on Holt. Middlesex is full of a bunch of nutjobs that have a history of poor choices, which is why the GOP has been in the wilderness for years in Middlesex.

Anonymous said...

Again, the endorsement of the party machine is a negative in my book and in the book of most honest Republicans. We all understand that those who feed off the taxpayers want those of like mind to be selected. To many honest outsiders would destroy the corrupt NJ political system.

Anonymous said...

"Again, the endorsement of the party machine is a negative in my book"

OK but the majority of primary voters are not in your book.

The line is very powerful in a primary. It can be overcome.

Is money enough to do it. I would say maybe not in this election cycle. Grassroots can do it this time out. As much as I like Sipperelle he has not shown me that he can get the grass roots vote even though I suspect its support for Halfacre is halfhearted. I think Halfacre is in a really good place right now.

ambrosiajr said...

I bet if Mayor Mike wins the line, it will be another Lonegan type of whining and ripping of shirts.

This is fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Middlesex screening committee is not the "grassroots" of the party. this would seem to be contrary to where halfacre keeps claiming his support lays. only thing grassroots means is no money to win.

Anonymous said...

Oh man.... so now whoever doesn't recognize Sipprelle as our Savior are a bunch of losers, be them tea party groups of county organizations. Actually, I think everybody outside a few Princeton country clubs are losers.

Now you don't like the establishment's endorsements? Weren't you guys like drooling when Sam Thompson endorsed Sipprelle, and dismissing all 5 tea party endorsements??

Make up your mind, before your boy drops out of the race and I hope we don't hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

So, now it turns out that Halfacre lied and that Sipprelle has actually been a registered Republican for 22 years! Mike outright lies to a screening committee just to pick up some votes? No wonder he thinks Congress would make a good home.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've read all the comments on this blogsite for the last few weeks from the people (person?) supporting Sipprelle, I've made up my mind I could no more tolerate Sipprelle in Washington than I can Obama. They seem to have the same level of supporters.

Anonymous said...

Looks like halfacre made big mistake:

Its amateur hour in Fair Haven.

Anonymous said...

With every post, with every tidbit of information, Holt is getting stronger. We'd better get our acts together, and fast. Like it or not, infuriating or not, money wins elections especially in this area of the state, part of the highest-priced media market in the land. Now, Corzine didn't lose because he was a millionaire...he lost DESPITE being a millionaire because he had a political track record of getting nothing done and outright failure. Sipprelle is NO Corzine, for if he is .... then Gooch is too. Neither of them has a record of failure in their businesses. Neither of them has a political track record.

But the money issue remains. Halfacre can't raise it and he doesn't have it. Like it or not, that's the bottom line. Because he won't be able to get his message out, no matter how much some folks may like that message, and because he is no different than Holt in that he is a career politician, he will get obliterated in the general where the majority of voters are of neither party, and where the Dems are greater in # than us Republicans. So, if we REALLY want to win this thing in November, you've got to think strategically.

Most general election voters are not going to care about campaign donations because the majority doesn't belong to either party. They are going to scrutinize the candidate's life, his/her character, accomplishments and personality. The likability factor means a lot; no one wants a whiner or a blowhard.

So to me, like it or not, the choice is very clear as to who can pull this thing off in November. And shouldn't that be what this is all about?

Anonymous said...

That's all the proof I need. PolitickerNJ is apparently supporting Sipprelle. PolitickerNJ is notoriously pro-Democrat. If they are supporting Sipprelle, what does that tell you about who is most likely to beat Rush Holt?

Anonymous said...

" PolitickerNJ is apparently supporting Sipprelle."

Why? Because they gave him some positive air time when he deserved it?? Because they told the voters the truth?? You've got to be kidding me!