Saturday, March 13, 2010

Larger Than Expected Registration for Middlesex GOP Convention

761 delegates and 30 guests registered today for the Middlesex County GOP convention which will take place on March 27, according to Chairman Joe Leo.

Leo said that the registration was about double that of the 2006 convention, the last "off-year" congressional election. Leo said that the site of the convention may be moved to accomodate the over 800 people he expects to attend. The convention is currently schedule to be at the Middlesex County Vocational School in East Brunswick. A change, if any, will be posted on the party website.

Leo said the the Gooch campaign from CD 6 and the Sipprelle campaign from CD 12 both appeared to be well represented among delegates registering, but that it is that a visual indicator is not necessarily an indication of the strength of a candidates support because several people showed up submitting numerous registrations.


Anonymous said...

great to see a long-awaited surge of interest in the Middlesex GOP: I hope they get somebody elected in their county this year,and always good to see a process go forward..

Anonymous said...

I agree. This is not only good for the Middlesex GOP, but for all county organizations of every see democracy in action. God bless America.

stopthesocialists said...

Art, this is a great sign. We need to energize the GOP base and maximize turnout in this "off" year election. An above average turnout always benefits the GOP. I hope the one common thread in every campaign this year - local, county, and national is a huge GOTV effort.