Monday, March 22, 2010

Sipprelle Hits The Airwaves

In a move that is unprecedented in my experience, CD 12 contender Scott Sipprelle is running TV commercials in March.

Spending that kind of money so early in the process is an unorthodox move. Does it mean that Scott's thinks he's running behind Mike Halfacre in the Middlesex County Convention race that will conclude on Saturday? Is he trying to impress the Monmouth County advisory committee voters who will vote a week from tonight?

We won't know the answers to those questions until we see if that ad is running next week. If so, that is a lot of money to be spending to impress less than 500 voters...400 in Middlesex and less than 100 in Monmouth.

It doesn't make sense that the ad is targeting primary or general election voters. The ad is not that memorable. It would have to be run constantly between now and June to make an impact in the primary.

We're in for an interesting week.