Friday, April 16, 2010

Halfacre Endorses Gooch, Angelini Joins Campaign

Matawan Councilwoman Toni Marie Angelini has joined the Gooch for Congress campaign as communications director.

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, who last month dropped his bid for the GOP congressional nomination in the 12th congressional district, issued his endorsement of Diane Gooch in the 6th congressional district.

"While I have known Diane for years, I have been particularly impressed as I talked politics with her over the past few months, and observed the passion and sincerity she has brought to her campaign. She has the practical experience in the private sector to fight the current policies out of Washington that are killing job creation and economic growth." Halfacre continued, "Many of us believe that government has gotten out of control and that Congress is out of step with the values our communities share here in New Jersey. Diane will bring a refreshing perspective on our behalf when elected."


I'm for Anna said...

Just curious. How do you feel about Halfgacre now? Obviously he didn't believe anything he said about Sipprelle or he would not have endorsed Gooch.

Personally that was my problem with him from day one. A large Truth defecit.

Michael Illions said...

You really have to love politics. What a shock that Halfacre endorsed the campaign of a candidate who gave him $2,400 for his own campaign.

But even more shocking and broaching hypocritical is Halfacre endorsing the equivalent of his self-funding, no experience opponent, while passing over Anna Little, a better choice, more qualified, then he himself was.

Halfacre complained for months that Sipprelle had no grass roots support, no experience, but plenty of money and the backing of the backstabbing establishment.

That description fits Diane Gooch to a T. Shame on you Mike Halfacre!!

Art Gallagher said...

How do you feel about Halfgacre now?

Mike is my friend. So is Vic Scudiery. I think they both made mistakes today.

Anonymous said...

Quite disappointing, after all, Sipprelle and Gooch are pretty much the same thing. No experience, questionable past, just a lot of money to run on.
But well, Halfacre endorsed Sipprelle too, so at least he's consistent now.

Anonymous said...

Sipprelle and Gooch are as different as night and day.

The only commonality is the fact that they can self-fund. The money by which he can do that was self-earned, the good old American Way. The money by which she can do that was earned by her husband, the British-born way.

Sipprelle obviously earned that $ through smarts. He couldn't earn it without making some tough business decisions. That is experience needed in politics that many politicians never learn, as evidenced by our current economic crisis both nationally and statewide.

I won't even dignify the "questionable past" for Sipprelle. Ridiculous. He did not give $ to Holt, while Gooch gave $ to Pallone. Figure that one out.

disgusted said...

Sipprelle is a far superior candidate to Gooch. he does have real lfe experience and at least he lives in the district. Now we know he was actually a superior candidate to Halfacre.

Art, Your friend did not make a mistake. This is symptomatic of the character flaws that make him unsuitable for elected office.

Here is the real kicker. Gooch donated to halfacre then when Sipprelle jumped in she and her husband went to a private event sipprelle held in Red Bank.

I mean none of these people have any concept of loyalty or principle.

Anonymous said...

I mean none of these people have any concept of loyalty or principle.

If you want a friend in politics, get yourself a dog

Anonymous said...

People who equate the 6th and 12th District races just because you have two wealthy candidates runnign really have no clue what they're talking about.

The 12th District is a winnanble race. The 6th is not. Halfacre's argument,as I understood it, was that a good candidate could win that race even without raising multi-million dollars, and that Sipprelle's background as a Wall Street bigshot would outweigh his considerable resources. We'll see in November whether or not thats true, but the demographics of the district would've given Halfacre at least a chance at winning. Hopefully Sipprelle pulls it off.

Frank Pallone cannot be beaten in the 6th district as currently constituted- not by Diane Gooch, not by Anna Little, not by Anna Little with Diane Gooch's bank account. Because the district is unwinnable, picking the candidate with a huge financial advantage actually makes sense in this district. Making Pallone spend some of his considerable war chest is GOOD for the Republican Party, not bad. It weakens him as a statewide candidate and he'll be less inclined to spread that money around to other candidates.

The two situations are completely seperate, and criticizing Halfacre for hypocrisy in endorsing Gooch is lazy thinking.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that anyone cares what Halfacre thinks or does.

Anonymous said...

Halfacre and Gooch go back at least as far as a Guiliani fundraiser they co-hosted in 2007. Despite their treatment of him, Halfacre's future is tied to the County establishment. Gooch is the only possible endorsement he could make in this race, if he ever wants to do anything else politically.

By the way, the GOP still controls things, not the Tea Parties. It appears that Halfacre knows this.

Anonymous said...

"Halfacre and Gooch go back at least as far as a Guiliani fundraiser they co-hosted in 2007."

As someone who worked on the Giuliani campaign and attended this May 2007 fundraiser, I can tell you it was the Gooches who were the hosts of this event on their property and that Halfacre was not even in attendance.

Credibility and local knowledge count said...

well, good for Toni: at least SOMEone who lives in this county's working for Diane!!.. a manager from NY sure doesn't impress me, or help her, from what I can see from them, thus far!!.. gotta step up her game damn fast, or she will hurt the whole line! is something, but, for sure, is NOT the only thing!

Anonymous said...

Yawn! what took so long..........

Anonymous said...

"Frank Pallone cannot be beaten in the 6th district as currently constituted"

Thats what frank would like you to believe but the truth is that in this political climate it ios possible to beat him with the right candidate.

Anonymous said...

"Gooch is the only possible endorsement he could make in this race"

Hios other option was to keep his mouth shut that would have left him a shred of self respect

Anonymous said...

"if he ever wants to do anything else politically."

lets see if that holds true when Anna wins

Anonymous said...


just want to point out a ;lot of us tried to warn you about halfacre

Anonymous said...

Illions is one of the biggest hypocrites out there. His Conservative cred is entirely dependent on which way the wind blows. i.e. Kate Whitman.

Anonymous said...

IIRC Halfacre was listed as a co-host for that event at Gooches' house. I didn't go, so I have no idea I'd he was there.

Point is, they're neighbors, have associated in the past, and Gooch is not going anywhere. Gooch and hubby will be around long after the tea party is a distant memory. It was a smart play.

Number one rule in politics: self preservation.

Anonymous said...

"Number one rule in politics: self preservation."

The person who said that must be an ellected official.

That attitude is why we are in the F---ing shape we ar in.

The first rule should be do the right thing regardless of the cost to you.

Slow it down said...

"The 12th District is a winnanble race. The 6th is not."

On what basis other than complete conjecture can you make that argument? I happen to like both Gooch and Siprelle, but have been far more impressed with Gooch.

Besides, Holt is more popular these days than Pallone. He actually showed up at a hearing on Ft. Monmouth and Pallone did not. Pallone has been all over this healthcare bill, and Holt has been low key.

I hope both Gooch and Siprelle win, and see no value in trying to pit one against the other.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to what Halfacre said about Gooch, because you're going to be hearing more and more people saying the same thing... that she is passionate, sincere and knowledgeable.

She gets it, and the people that are brushing her off are going to realize that soon enough.

Anonymous said...

A note to Michael Illions,

How cynical to believe that a candidate would make an endorsement for a contribution of 2,400 made almost a year ago in the infancy of Mike's campaign. Although clearly Diane had faith in Mike way before many others.

Of even more intersting note is that all of the Anna supporters on this blog including Illions couldn't between them contribute to Anna as much as Diane contributed to Halfacre a year ago. Anna's total raise of $3,000 in the first quarter includes a $700 loan to her campaign.

In the unlikely event that Anna wins the primary I will support Anna financially becuase the goal here is to beat Pallone.

Right now I am supporting Diane- I say send Anna a check if you support her. Even the "grass roots" need some watering!

Anonymous said...

politics 101 endorsements have to do with relationships as much as policy.

Halfacre is mayor of fair haven where folks read the TRT. He, Beck, Oscanlon, Kean, Angelini others had to do it...otherwise the paper would have retaliated on them when they were seeking re-election.

The TRT is a reliable GOP newspaper, we need to keep it that way.

Step it up, now said...

11:50, from your fingers to God's ears, am truly hoping it gets much better,because so, far, despite the "celebrated bankbook", I've seen nothing but one good flier about "turning the page",given out at Candidates' Night, and have heard about a hand-picked, exclusionary house party, heard some mediocre, (at best), speeches, a rather sloppy appearance, and very little knowledge showing of Frank, his elective history, the district, or what the voters must hear this year,in order to make a change in D. 6!..practicing is fine, the more the merrier, but, they really have to reach down, and around, and stop giving off the elitist, "club" vibes many have been feeling, so far..basic,little things DO matter, like: don't just breeze by a table and say "hi, I'm Diane", pull out a chair,sit down for a moment, and actually ask some folks their names, where they're from, listen to what they say back to you, then ASK for their HELP!!..example: ask Forrester: if you come off aloof and stiff, and there's no "warm-fuzzies",loyalty-stuff, going on from within your own party, how the hell do you get independents and a few Dems to vote your way??..listen up, NY and the rest of her advisors: there's MUCH more work to be done!

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe halfacre said that.

What a maroon.

Thee staement are written by the people running the campaign who then attribute it to the latest endorser.

you must be new to politics

ItIsWhatItIs said...

"lets see if that holds true when Anna wins"

I think they made a movie about this. It was called Mission Impossible. No one believes Anna can win. If Gooch completely implodes in the next month I still give Anna 30% at best.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to what Halfacre said about Gooch, because you're going to be hearing more and more people saying the same thing... that she is passionate, sincere and knowledgeable.

She gets it, and the people that are brushing her off are going to realize that soon enough.

Give me a break, she doesn't get it. She is against OFF SHORE DRILLING !! What is with that. The fact is she knows nothing. We need energy independence. Drilling to extract the Natural Gas is the answer. Environmentally, drilling is the safest part of the process. The biggest danger for the jersey shore is the tankers that make there way by our beaches from overseas everyday.

It is scary that there are people supporting Gooch. She is not going to beat Frank. She bought the news paper, her candidacy and even Mike.

Give to Anna, she is our only hope.

Anonymous said...

The only route to independance from foriegn oil is to get our cars and trucks to run on alcohol and gas- not petroleum.
As long as our cars and trucks run on petroleum we will import oil- Drilling for gas offshore won't make a difference.

Anonymous said...

"I think they made a movie about this. It was called Mission Impossible"

Gee as I recall they pulled the Mission Off