Friday, April 16, 2010

Democrats Challenge Falzon's Petition Signatures

MMM received an email from Mark Falzon, Democratic challenger to Frank Pallone in the 6th congressional district, stating that the Pallone campaign had issued a challenge to Falzon's petition signatures.

A spokesperson for the NJ Board of Elections confirmed that Falzon's petitions were being challenged by Victor Scudiery. Scudiery, the Chairman of the Monmouth County Democratic Organization, was not immediately available for comment.

The deadline to file a challenge is 5PM this afternoon. So far there have been no other challenges made in the 6th district in either party, according to the Board of Elections spokesperson.


Anonymous said...

Mark is a decent, old-fashioned, conservative democrat who has certain principles slightly to the right of most democrat politicians.

What is Frank Pallone afraid of? That he might be tied to the Barney Frank crowd? I hear it quite tight in those closets!

Anonymous said...

If that's all you can come with, you must be desperate.
Stupid comment from an obviously stupid person.

Waa waa said...

the more challenges to Frankie-boy, from whomever, the better!