Friday, April 16, 2010

Clifton Named County Legislator Of The Year

Deputy Freeholder Director Rob Clifton will be awarded the County Legislator of the Year award at the New Jersey Conference of Mayors on April 29 during the Mayor's annual convention.


curious said...

Just curiuos what was the criteria?

Be pleased and proud said...

why not call up our new Freeholder candidate, Mayor Tom Arnone, he'll be installed as the President of the NJ Conf. of Mayors the same night- kind of cool: Monmouth leading the way, again! sure he can tell you what that group's criteria are..I'll be there,getting some good pictures of our winning team, and yes, Tom'll be resigning as their Pres., in Jan., when he's sworn in as our newest Freeholder!!..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rob Clifton, he is a good man.