Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bloomberg and Democrats wish for violence that doesn't exist

By the blogger known as "Ronald Reagan"

So a militant Muslim tried to blow up a car bomb in NYC, and while this may be stunning it is unsurprising news. The fact that NYC Mayor Bloomberg wishfully opined that the bomber was a mentally deranged person or someone who was mad at Obama's healthcare (read member of the Tea Party) is really the stunning news.

So far, the Tea Party movement, which just grew to over 15 million members, has been falsely linked, per the Democrats, to racism, bigotry, threatened violence and, now, terrorist action. The fact is that this is only wishful thinking on the part of the accusers. But consider, for a moment, what these naysayers are wishing for? Death of the innocent, bigotry to be foisted on the minority communities, violence against elected officials and, most unbelievably, car bombs in NYC Times Square. All to score some imaginary political points to save them from whopping losses in November. What part of un-American don't they understand.

If you are not outraged by this please check your pulse. I'm outraged that Democrats, and other elected officials, are so ready to paint the terrorism accusation so broadly and so irresponsibility. Imagine if Bloomberg blamed the failed car bomb on a African American group. Or perhaps if Bloomberg blamed it on the Jewish community because they were angry about how Obama is treating Israel. Or maybe Bloomberg could blame it on the Greeks because Wall Street found a way to screw up their economy, like they did ours. In each of these cases there would be outrage, but blame it on the Tea Party and the media just rolls over and asked for Bloomberg to scratch is belly with a couple more million dollars of advertising.

Enough already, Democrats should stop wishing for violence and bigotry and realize that Americans have a problem with their leadership and agenda. No amount of wishful scapegoating will change the polls to their favor. Fact is, not sure anything can change the polls to their favor at this point. They are seriously f'd come this November. And rightfully so for being such fear mongers and poor stewards of this nation's bounty.

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idiot teabaggers stop playing politics for the sake of playing politics, this was his quote saying it could be anything not just terrorism when he was asked the question that he didn't know.

"BLOOMBERG: Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything."

What do you think Timothy McVeigh was?

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Bloomberg knee jerk reaction dropped the mask covering the race-baiting strategy of the dems.

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How stupid is Bloomberg? His city was hit in 1993, again in 2001, they arrest some dirtbag Muslim in Denver for a plot to blow up the subways, they break up a Muslim terror cell in Buffalo who had planned to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge and his first thought is that it is someone upset with the healthcare bill???? What a jack ass!!

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By the way, Wall Street didn't get the Greeks into the mess they're in (or us for that matter). It was profligate spending by the Greek government (more than 1/3 of the workforce is overpaid, underemployed government workers)and a populace with an entitlement mentality that got them into the mess they're in. I'm surprised you've bought into this leftist, anti-wall street line...