Friday, May 14, 2010

CD 6 Is Getting Hotter

The primary race between Diane Gooch and Anna Little in the Congressional 6th district is heating up according to reports coming out of Atlantic Highlands where the Gooch and an entourage dropped in on Atlantic Bagel Company this afternoon.

A patron of the bagel shop told MoreMonmouthMusings that while Gooch was staying on script and not mentioning her primary opponent, volunteers for the campaign were trash talking both Little and Frank Pallone within earshot of their candidate.

Elsewhere in Monmouth County known Republican allies of Little are getting phone calls from the Gooch campaign seeking endorsements.

Turnout at tomorrow's Run For Your Rights motorcycle run for Little's campaign will be a good indication of the depth of the grassroots support for the "Tea Party Approved" candidate.


Belford Boy said...

yes the Gooch campaign is getting desperate.
People associated with the campaign have started spreading vicous lies about Anna.

i would liove to see their Polls. They must be pretty interesting

MonmouthConservative said...

It's amuzing that with all of the trashing of Gooch that Little supporters do (and that's exactly what this blog hit-piece is), that this alleged "event" took place at with no named witnesses or sources to confirm this "report." It's this shock-and-awe nonsense that gives us conservatives a bad name.

You want a real report? Check this out; it's called the Cook Political Report:

As you can see, the 6th is now rated as "Likely Democrat." It had been "Solid Democrat" from the beginning of Pallone's tenure until last week. It changed because Diane Gooch is picking up traction, which is probably why people like Art Gallagher are now throwing whatever fecal matter they can at the wall hoping it will stick.

So let's stop with the "My friend told me that he heard from his friend's cousin's wife that their neighbor saw..." garbage. It helps no one.

Anonymous said...

When Gooch's husband buys the CD 6 conressional seat, all you negative people will then see. It is possible to buy a seat in Congress. Why dont you think it will happen ? Gooch's husband has hundreds of millions of dollars. Need supporters ? buy them. Need promo pieces ? buy them. Need phone banks ? buy them. Need supporters ? Donate money (buy them) It hilarious the way the GOP supported Gooch (Goochs husbands money)

Anonymous said...

Gooch is out there everyday campaigning hard. When are all you haters gonna realize that she is EARNING this the old fashioned way?

Anonymous said...

WOW..what lies. This drible must be from the Pallone Pathetics.

I have a news flash for you. The Gooch Campaign is focused on "The People"! Sorry to burst your bubble.

I am a volunteer fed up with Pallone and I see firsthand the Gooch Campaign runs a solid, honest and hard-working campaign made up of many Volunteers, like myself, who want Pallone out for good! Gooch is one of the hardest working candidates I've seen,she is real and relates to the people wanting change and wanting the Career Politican Pallone out of our 6th district. We know she can and will beat Pallone, without a doubt.

You should be worried Pallone, you'll soon be fired by the People!!

belford boy said...

Monmouth Conservative,
The event was a bus trip with other Monmouth republicans (one of whom was jen beck) and I will not dignify what was being said by repeating it.
The source is people who were on the bus. I do not know the name of the person who said it. That should give you enough information to confirm it.

If you are supporting Gooch you have a lot of nerve calling yourself a conservative.
vague staements about being against Obama policies does not a conservative make. Goosc is not even close to being a conservative If Pallone id a 10 on the liberal; scale Gooch is an 8.

Anon 9:01
We are Haters because we do not tghink Gooch is the best candidate?
I do not hate Gooch.
I just think Anna is a better candidate becuase she is educated, intelligent, well spoken, self made, actually lives in the district and has enunciated clear conservative positions on all the issuesAShe has my vote.

Anonymous said...

why am I not surprised and likely to believe this story about Diane Gooch? Three words: Comment / No Comment.
Translation: Insecure female cattiness at its height. Such behavior does not bespeak good character. I want a candidate who has her priorities in order, because too many in DC do not.

why whine?-shine! said...

gotta love all libs, whether in our party or the other one: a few words of criticism and they melt down and resort to calling anyone with an opposing view, candidate, or opinion a "hater".. most comments are constructive and instructive: a first lesson in politics is: READ and LISTEN to what your opponents are saying, so you can respond and get your message across better!! grow up!

Monmouth Conservative (the real deal) said...


1) Literature was being distributed on the day in question.
2) A person from gooch's campaign was trashing Anna Little.
3) Cook report said LITTLE was the likely candidate, if you were reading when the change in status occurred.
4) Gooch's campaign has been spreading these rumors all around the district and yes doing the whisper campaign.

Belford Tom said...

I've met Anna Little and spoken with her about the important issues invoved in this election. She is honest and straightforward in her conservative values. I am not interested in the rumors and mudslinging going on in this campaign. I believe Anna is trustworthy and eminently capable of representing us in D.C. She's the right person to give Pallone his pink slip. Get on board, please!