Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry Tom, The Horse Has Left The Barn

Tom Moran, The Star Ledger's liberal poetic scrivener, unwittingly contributed to Governor Chris Christie's rising national popularity this week. The Star Ledger video of Christie's honest and refreshing exchange with the thin skinned Moran went viral. The coverage in the new and traditional media, on both the left and right, was overwhelming pro-Christie.

Not quite what Moran had intended.

InTheLobby summarized the national coverage:


May 14, 2010UPDATE: LOL.
Glenn Beck called Gov. Christie's exchange "common sense porn." More below.

Gov. Chris Christie's rebuke of Star Ledger columnist Tom Moran is becoming a media sensation. Rush Limbaugh played it on his radio show, and the exchange is all over the Internet.Christie was responding to Moran's question about his "confrontational tone." The video has been picked up by websites both left and right, including The Hill, Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post,, Comedy Central, Politico, The Atlantic Wire, Mediate, Interestingly, he's getting kudos from all sides.

UPDATED: Here's Beck's calling
Christie "common-sense porn." And some more commentary on the video: Hot Air;, Gothamist, TheDailyDish, National Review, Washington Post Post Partisan column,, Motley Fool,, Washington Post Right Now column, BeforeIt', NY Post, and Media Matters.

The SLedger's response to their new found fame? They made a copyright claim to YouTube and had the video taken down.

The video is still on the SLedger's servers. View it and save it before they take it down.

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Anonymous said...

If you look at the comments in the Atlantic Wire story that you linked to in the post, you'll see that Moran actually left a personal comment in response.

He claims he was intentionally trying to provoke Christie because "he needed the quotes."

Well, he got quotes, and made himself look like an ass to to a national audience in the process.