Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dirty Tricks?

Yesterday's post, CD 6 Getting Hotter has caused quite a stir in both the Gooch and Little campaigns.

This morning at Little's Run for Your Rights motorcycle rally, the alleged "whisper campaign" trashing Little and her family by Gooch supporters was a hot topic of conversation. A prominent businessman with personal ties to both Gooch and Little told me he had heard the whispers.

Toni Angelini of the Gooch campaign contacted me today. She was quite upset about the allegations. "We are not running that kind of campaign and we are not talking about Anna or her family," Angelini said, "There was no official campaign activity in Atlantic Highlands yesterday." I asked, "what does, official campaign activity mean? Was Diane in Atlantic Highlands yesterday?" "No," was her reply.

A call to the Atlantic Bagel Company confirmed that there was campaigning at the shop yesterday. The woman who answered the phone told me she was working yesterday and that "there was someone here talking to people and distributing Gooch's literature." The woman did not recall seeing Gooch herself at the store. On follow up with Angelini, Toni said she'd been investigating it most of the day and that she had no idea who the person was.

When confronted with Angelini's denial and that Atlantic Bagels did not confirm Gooch's presence, the original source of the story stood by it. "They can deny it all they want. I was there and I spoke to Gooch myself. She was the woman pictured on the literature. She was with a woman with long dark hair."

The person claims to have personal contact with Frank Pallone. He said that Pallone has people tracking Gooch's and Little's campaign activity and he rattled off several locations Pallone supposedly told him that Gooch had been to and what she supposedly said about Little, Pallone and their respective families. Angelini said that Gooch was not at the places the source of the story claimed.

The source of the story has been reliable on the past. However, there are holes in his story this time. Enough so that I regret printing that angle of the CD 6 Race Getting Hotter post without having done more checking. I do not believe that the Gooch campaign is trashing Little nor do I believe that they condone such activity. I do believe that supporters of Gooch not directly involved in the day to day activities of the campaign are engaged in such trash and that those actions are detrimental to their candidate.

That the post got the reaction it did is suggests to me that this race is more competitive than anticipated on both sides. That is the story. CD 6 is the race to watch for the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if the candidates debate we could actually start talking about issues instead.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if this is Pallone trying to get both camps into a dirty primary fight that he can use in the general. Hopefully, both camps won't bite. I would say, the lesson learned here is that Pallone is nervous about both of them. You know that Pallone didn't have anyone following Bob McLeod around.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so important whether Gooch was in Atlantic Highlands today or not? Isn't she entitled to campaign wherever she wants to? And if your source says she has long dark hair, she must have been wearing a wig.

I don't think this type of reporting is helping Anna Little. Why not just play up the fact that Anna's resume says she is qualified to serve as our Congressman and Gooch's does not.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pallone is so afraid of Gooch he's playing these games in the primary? Perhaps Frankie has some polling that shows him even more vulnerable than anyone knows. He should be nervous, Gooch has her act together and her campaign is in full swing. He's toast and he knows it.

Anonymous said...


I don't think this misreporting on your part of an obviously fabricated story is any indication of the race heating up- unless you mean the race between Diane and Frank- since it sounds like this was another Pallone dirty trick- and like a sucker you fell for it.

This is the second time I'm aware of with you jumping to report something Anna related without first checking your facts.

My guess would be Pallone hoped to drive a wedge between Diane and Anna who have both acted responsibly so far- in the hope that niether will support the other after the primary-

A good strategy by Frank- so try not to fall for this stuff in the future

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to imply that Angelini was the one with long dark hair? Is that all you have left Art? If Angelini says it wasn't Gooch, then it wasn't Gooch, and it wasn't her campaign.

Here's a question...why didn't you call the bagel place before putting the story up in the first place??? Perhaps because you are hell bent on doing anything you can against Gooch? You owe her and the campaign an apology.

Art Gallagher said...

Are you trying to imply that Angelini was the one with long dark hair?

Absolutely not!

Here's a question...why didn't you call the bagel place before putting the story up in the first place???

Because the source had been reliable previously.

Perhaps because you are hell bent on doing anything you can against Gooch?

I'm not interested in doing anything against Gooch.

You owe her and the campaign an apology.

I owed them this post and they got it.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed with you Art! You are much better then this. Hopefully your coverage will be less biased and more accurate for the closing weeks of this campaign.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for both the Little and Gooch campaigns so far. They have stuck to promoting their candidates without trashing the other. It's a fact that one of them will be the nominee and it's important to unite behind that nominee in the general. Getting rid of Pallone is too important to allow what appears to be a Democrat tactic of fostering intraparty animosity to sidetrack the Republicans going into November. A united front scares the hell out of Pallone.

"Poor me.." said...

suggestion to the Gooch camp:if Anna's no threat, then go forward,spend your money, and stop having pompous hissy-fits..if the whole Gooch campaign can't cut a" little" competition to get the nomination, what the hell will you do when Frank's legions of goons go full-court press for Nov.?..from what I've observed thus far, Gooch's people either don't live here, either, (NY?),are a bit uppity when in the crowds, and/or have zero experience with any kind of campaigning..the lit is good, because expensive consultants did it for her..maybe you really ought to thank Anna for making you all step up, learn the ropes and at least the district, since you have much more to learn, and a long way to go towards dumping this entrenched do-nothing!!

Concerned Republican (the real deal) said...

Please forgive the cross post. These things needed to be said here too.


1) Literature was being distributed on the day in question.
2) A person from gooch's campaign was trashing Anna Little.
3) Gooch's campaign has been spreading these rumors all around the district and yes doing the whisper campaign.
4) Cook report said LITTLE was the likely candidate, if you were reading when the change in status occurred.
5) debate sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

The last two Anna Little fan club posts 9.16 and 11.42 didn't listen to anything that is being said

You aren't working towards getting rid of Pallone with your attacks guys( gals)

Anonymous said...

Did Gooch's campaign hire Sipprelle's paid blog posters? Because it's the same tone... our candidate is entitled to the nomination because he/she has money and he/she is the only one who can win because he/she has money, and your candidate doesn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 2.51

I just looked through the last 20 to 30 comments on this site relating to CD6 race and the only ones that mention the Gooch fiancial advantage are the anti-Gooch blogs-

So I don't get your point about Sipprelle paid posters- This line seems to be one of paranoia on your part-

Wayne Pomanowski said...

Anna Little is one of the finest people I have ever known

Mark said...

Art, I don't understand why people are giving you a hard time over this article. You presented it impartially and without bias. I complimemt you.
Note; I support Anna Little myself, as do all the Tea Parties in the district. She is the savvy candidate we need not only to defeat Pallone but carry our conservative message to DC. No debutante's need apply, regardless of their deep pockets

Mark said...

The Pallone angle to this debate is interesting. I was on the Dem primary ballot in the 6th against Pallone. Our camps met in court. What transpired there was interesting. If Pallone's lawyers were unsuccessful at that sitting (they were)they had a Plan B, that being to challenge the right of Unaffiliateds to sign Nominating Petitions and they were willing to go to the NJ Supreme court. Just know Pallone is desperate and thus, dangerous. Put nothing past him.

Donald R Laster Jr said...

The question as one post mentioned is "are both campaigns being sandbagged by outsiders". This type of whisper campaign is something that would come straight out of "Rules for Radicals". It is important for all candidates to focus on the real issues as the country is dealing with real problems that are rooted in 100 years of mismanagement and Progressive/Marxism (yes it is accurate - look at the actual philosophies folks).

Candidates running in each district should have one-on-one debates focused on the issues related to New Jersey and the nation as a whole. Questions should be unknown by any candidate until asked by a moderator. Anna Little, Dave Corsi, Scott Siprelle, Alan Bateman, and others have all spoken before Tea Party groups using the same unknown question format. Tonight (17/May/2010) in Toms River a number of Tea Party groups are listening to candidates as well.

One question I have, based upon recent generic discussions, is Mr Pallone still actually a resident of New Jersey? Or has he done what Wexler of Florida did, I believe it was Wexler, which is basically move out of the State while maintaining an in-name-only New Jersey address. If Mr Pallone loses in November is his family going to live in NJ or Northern Virginia?

So lets focus on the issues and qualities of the candidates and their ability to both understand and obey the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of New Jersey as well as understand what type of ideas they have for fixing the problems, with our help, that we are all facing.

Donald R Laster Jr
Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots

Anonymous said...

Art, I like Anna Little, but I don't understand the tea party's constant derision of Gooch because of her wealth. I thought they were in favor of free market capitalism, hard work and low taxation. Why denigrate someone who has attained the American dream from humble beginnings, employing hundreds of people along the way? Stick to issues and qualifications - both are fair game.

Mark said...

To clarify an Anonymous comment about the Tea Party disillusionment with Ms Gooch please note the following. In the 3rd and 6th GOP CD primaries (to a lesser extent the 12th and 4th also)the established GOP has pursued one policy. That being, if you can fund your own campaign and donate to other GOP chests your their candidate, period. Regardless of who is more capable (Little vs Gooch) and regardless if you are new to the GOP (Runyon vs Murphy)the GOP approach is the same. The Tea Parties are not prostitutes. Hence our ire at the GOP pimps who are concerned with their coffers as opposed to fielding conservative candidates trying to help us save this beloved Republic.

Bayshore Bob said...

I for onr don't deride Gooch because she is wealthy. I like rich people!
However, her money and lifestyle combined with her not living in the district will turn off a lot of the independent Blue collar workers that are needed to win this district. Pallone will expertly exploit this. "someone who has attained the American dream from humble beginnings, employing hundreds of people along the way" (as opposed to say a guy who built a grocery store empire and started out in the Bay Shore)

In this district her personal wealth will be a detriment not a plus.

I know nobody wants to here that but that is the perception in the Bayshore and perception is reality

Donald R Laster Jr said...

It also has to do with a willingness to come before the various groups and face real "question and answer" sessions. The candidates chosen to be supported via the Tea Party all faced real questions and did not hide.

The GOP over the years instead of standing on principles of the Constitution, limited Government and true freedoms and rights of the people have been operating as "Democratic Party" lite. And as a result the GOP lost the House and the Senate over the last 10 years. Those of us who happen to be registered Republicans and Tea Party members have noticed this trend and do not support it. If I wanted to go down the path of Socialism or Progressive/Marxism I would be a Democrat.

We can see the result of the policies of the Democrats in this country and all around the world - i.e. Venezuela, Greece, Cuba and the various US Cities that are controlled by Democrats who push these failed policies with "just a little more of your money will make the problems go away". It is the same mantra and the Republicans have been embracing the same failed policies. The two parties have little to tell them apart except the rank-and-file in the GOP have more ability to choose quality candidates in many cases.

So if a candidate is chosen just because they have money the GOP rank and file are not necessarily going to just fall in line and support someone because the "party bosses" say to. We want the cream of the crop representing us not someone who just happens to have made moeny.

Bayshore Bob said...

Hey a sentence disapeared from my post."someone who has attained the American dream from humble beginnings, employing hundreds of people along the way" You mean a Wall street paper pusher who lives in another district (as opposed to say a guy who built a grocery store empire and started out in the Bay Shore)

The point is we don't dislike rich people but lets not spin Gooch into someting he ain't

Stick to the real facts said...

exactly: it's being pretty nicely done, and the consultants seem to be earning their money this go-round, but, how many of the regular, registered R's ( mainly those who traditionally lean more right), will buy this glossy "from humble beginnings" story??..only time, and tons of tv ads and shiny mailers, will tell!!