Tuesday, May 04, 2010

CD 6 Race Heating UP

Diane Gooch is stepping up her campaign efforts as the primary race enters its final month.

She granted this interview to Moe Lane, the self described "evil giraffe" who "aims to misbehave."

The Gooch campaign announced yesterday that the National Republican Congressional Committee upgraded her candidacy to "on the radar," because she has hired a campaign team and donated money to her campaign.

Gooch will be hosted by Pastor Shannon Wright for a small business round table at the Queens City Diner in Plainfield. The media advisory of the event did not indicate the time it would occur.

Tonight Gooch takes her campaign to her primary opponent Anna Little's backyard with a meet and greet at Francesco's in Highlands from 6:45 until 8:00 PM.

Little will be hosting a fundraiser across the street at Chilango's from 7-9.


Anonymous said...

Gooch is on the radar with the National Republicans because she hired a campaign commitee and mgmt team and donated money as well. (MONEY) As all of NJ knows already, this comes down to money and her husband has tens of millions of it that they are willing to spend.(MONEY) thats what makes Gooch attractive to the GOP. (MONEY) What a shame. If anyone halfway capable came out and said that they had millions to "throw around" in the GOP circles, they too would be a potential Congress 6 candidate. (MONEY) Is Gooch running or her checkbook ?

Anonymous said...

Antbody see the article in todays wall street Journal about Congressmen who made money by making investments that the economy would tank.

Investments of politicians is going to be an issue in the next election.

Anybody who doesn't think that Pallone will not crucify Gooch over how her husband made his money on credit default swaps has ,in the words of me lovely old granny,
"His head up is arse."
I can see the add now. Diane Gooch spending her millions made off a failing economy thinks she can buy an a seat in congress in a district she doesn't live in.

good luck with that. She cn spend every freaking penny her husband has made and it will not get her elected. Frank won't even break a sweat.

Anonymous said...

do you think Frank is breaking a sweat for Anna? please...

Anonymous said...

Frank will break a sweat and so will the audience if they are forced to listen to Gooch speak or debate about issues. We will all sweat.

Anonymous said...

Frank definitly fears a populist candidate with name recognition
more then Gooch and her money

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea of Gooch's husbands net worth ? Is it over 50 or 100 million ?

Anonymous said...

You Betcha !!!

Anonymous said...

From what i have read he is actually a billionaire not a mere millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Mucho dinero!

Anonymous said...

Be it noted that Diane Gooch did not give a "speech" in Highlands last night. Someone had to tell her not to do any public speaking. I think that Anna Little should invite Diane to a debate. Maybe the Women voters would moderate. That would certain show the difference on the two candidates. Money vs. Little. Little can win this primary is people are angry enough to get out and vote and consider replacing the county chairman.

They only respect what they pay for in advice said...

any Rep. running in any district, safe D or not, this year, seems to me, only has to learn to say: "my opponent voted 99% of the time with Pelosi, and I won't".."I am for de-funding the healthcare debacle, and for lowering, not raising, your taxes and keeping what's left of the capitalist system in tact".."I am for securing our borders,NOW, and against blanket amnesty, and for keeping us SAFE"..that's enough-get the red "STOP PELOSI and REID" signs with the Rep's name filled in, in every district, consistently,everywhere..it ought to do the trick..no more embarassing,childlike speeches filled with platitudes and "hard luck" growing- up stories, "I'm you," when I'm not, no mis-stated or unchecked facts, it's just NOT necessary and could hurt.. name, office, change this course, vote for me on Nov. 2.. there you are, $150,000 in cons. fees saved..really, it's almost that simple!..grab the dissatisfaction, and be the sensible,viable alternative people are screaming for everywhere.. period!..

Anonymous said...

Why is Mrs. G running in the 6th CD when she lives in the 12th? In England, it is quite common for a candidate to run for a seat in a constituency apart from where the candidate resides; however, I cannot recall it ever happening here. Is Mrs. G making history?

Anonymous said...

Response to the prior post-

It's not unusual at all. Joe Kyrillos ran against Pallone and didn't live in the district. The districts have been so gerrymandered its almost irrelevant.
Frank Pallone lives in Washington DC and sends his kids to school in Washington DC- Pallone keeps a small house in CD6- but his main home and his family is in DC.
Diane Gooch owns a business in CD6 employing people in CD6 many of whom live in CD6- and she does business with other businesses in CD6 and she pays taxes in CD6- so it's fair to say that she has a strong vested interest in CD6.

In anycase- after the redistricting that will occure next year- some towns in CD6 will not be in CD6 anymore and some that are not currently in CD6- will be put into CD6

When Diane Gooch is the Congresswoman for CD6- she will live in CD6- that you can be assured of.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes, "When Diane Gooch is the Congresswoman for CD6- she will live in CD6- that you can be assured of.

One hears news being made. An Official Campaign Promise - If elected, I will move to Belford.

Anonymous said...

Belford would be nice Art- Easy walk to the ferry-

But there are so many nice places within CD6- why commit to any one now-Art? Atlantic Highlands is nice, as is Red Bank- Asbury Park is nice, Long Branch, Bradley Beach- all nice. My family rented a house in Belmar one summer- really enjoyed that. Owned a house in Sea Bright a few years back too- beautiful beaches in Sea Bright! I like Old Bridge and Sayreville. I lived in Old Bridge in 1979/1980- liked it a lot.
Another alternative is Highlands- could live next door to "Belford Boy" in Highlands maybe?

Spoilt for choice- so many wonderful towns to choose from.