Monday, May 24, 2010

From My Inbox....

From a CD-6 voter who responded to a "push poll" over the weekend:

FYI, I just got a phone call to participate
in a phone poll,
done by National Research,
based out of Los Vegas, NV.
It was very extensive,
and took almost 10 minutes to complete.
There must have been at least 50 questions,
on many topics.
It asked many questions about
whether I had a very favorable,
somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable
view of Frank Pallone and Diane Gooch.
It then asked about several issues,
and if the positions of each of them
would strongly influence, somewhat influence, somewhat not influence, or very not influence
my opinion of them.
At the end,
I was asked a question who would I vote for,
if the choice was between Pallone or Gooch.
I said that I would vote for another candidate,
named Anna Little who is running in the NJ primary on June 8,
but he said that was not an acceptable choice.
I then said neither one,
and he said that was also an unacceptable choice.
So I had to pick between one of them,
so I did not know what to do,
so I picked Diane Gooch.
I just wanted to let you know about this poll.
I hope that I did not skrew this poll up.
I did want to get all of my "very unfavorable" opinions
of Frank Pallone and Diane Gooch on record,
so I had to pick one candidate over the other.

I did not like this poll survey at all,
the way it phrased the choices,
and did not allow a "neither" or "no opion" answer..
Also, it seemed to me that this poll
was a vailed attempt to assess
support for Diane Gooch vs. Frank Pallone,
so I stated that my opinion of her
in every category was "very unfavorable".
I hope that I helped with my answers to this poll.

I just wanted to let you know
that this poll is being conducted.


Anonymous said...

In case you wondered- that was a poll conducted by the Pallone people-

I'd be very interested in hearing the actual questions-

Play nicer in the sandbox said...

and, I'd be very interested if the Gooch folks would clean up their phone script to be more truthful, and stop tossing Little's signs when putting up their own: frankly,while everyone wants to win, it does not speak very well of the "privileged" and "monied" among us, who now want to help rule us!..

Michael said...

Hey "Anonymous" - If you want to prove that what you say is true, why didn't you put your name on your comment - to prove that you're not a Gooch supporter trying to shift the blame?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what they do. Anna's on an unstoppable roll and everyone in Monmouth County knows it. I hope Pallone gears up all his resources for the Gooch so that when Anna wins, he'll be ten steps behind her and Anna can control the message headed to November.

stranger things have happened said...

admire the optimism, and hope you are correct, but there's still 15 days of spending left to hoping to see/hear some surprise support for the "little engine that can", soon!

Anonymous said...

As for Little and Gooch signs- its a bit of a joke- whoever is taking down or turning around or whatever to each other's signs is like school children. It would appear to be happening on both sides-

I am aware of at least 20 to 30Gooch signs taken down along rt 36 between Sea Bright and Union Beach-
and I've seen some Little signs turned around or taken down.

I don't think its being done by either Little or Gooch campaigns directly but by keen supporters of each-
Silly really-

Whoever wins- Pallone fans will take down signs of their opponent next October- so we may as well get used to it.

Anonymous said...

let's hope that's all he takes down!

Anonymous said...

The sign issue is very easy - In Atlantic Highlands the Police Dept take down all signs in the medium. On the state highway they end up in the County recycling center in Keyport area.... The should not be on the circles, jug handles it is a waste of money. State will be cutting grass this week and will remove them all....Not that it matters Gooch signs are hard to read...Little signs are BIG and readable.

Anonymous said...

This is a bad sign. it means pallone thinks Gooch will win.

That means all us Lttle supporters need to work harder

Anonymous said...

I put this in another thread too but it needs to be heard.

There is no question Diane is stealing Anna's signs on 35 and 36 because hers are still there but Anna's are all gone.

This is a billionaire who is also a petty thief.

Great candidate you picked establishment.

This race just got dirty. Keep your heads up folks.

Let the sign- wars continue said...

well, looks like the powers that be are worried more about being embarassed if Anna wins, than who the better challenge to Frank will be..there used to be "unwritten rules" with the sign wars, sort of: put yours up, near your opponent's, but no vandalism on either part!.. for many a year, the crews would go out, pick them up from the DOT or county yards, and go put 'em up again, in heavily-travelled areas,over and over, then, go and take them down after the election,win or lose.. the idea is, it's a free billboard for a brief time, for drivers to catch for name ID.. any campaign that thought a one-time sign output would suffice didn't have enough volunteers or smarts to get the whole concept.. today, it's: destroy other peoples' property, because we aren't confident in our candidate, or our ablilties as their workers.. sad, especially in this race, when it's all about the money ramming it's way in, and the hell with what real people think or want.. kind of like the DC libs/Dems, huh?..Anna, keep going, and order more signs, and keep replacing them, you must be having an impact, or they'd ignore all you're doing and saying!

Anonymous said...

You do realize this was obviously a Pallone poll intended on making Diane's name the only one recognizable in the primary because he knows Anna would kick his ass up and down the shore in the general...don't you?

Please tell me you people understand that Pallone knows that the only one who can and will beat him is Anna and that therefore he will do anything and everything to minimize her impact.

The stench of fear that is billowing from the Gooch and Pallone camps is overwhelming.

There's a new sheriff in town and her name is Anna Little.

Amen said...

from your keyboard to about 6,000 weary taxpayer's heads/votes, on June 8..!!!