Monday, May 24, 2010


"Key municipality's entire GOP Committee joins long line of endorsements for Gooch"

Red Bank, NJ: Diane Gooch, the Monmouth County Republican Vice Chair and local businesswoman is continuing to pick up support throughout the 6th District. Today, the entire Sayreville Republican Municipal Committee, led by Chairman Frank Markansky, Vice Chair, John Melillo, Financial Secretary, John Rucki and Recording Secretary Rosetta Fischer have joined the list of Republican organizations endorsing Gooch in her bid to unseat 22 year incumbent Frank Pallone.

Markansky stated that, "We are excited to announce our endorsement of Diane Gooch for Congress. For the past 22 years, Frank Pallone has pushed a progressive agenda and expanded the government unnecessarily. Diane Gooch is the only candidate with the dedication and drive to retire Frank Pallone. We look forward to assisting her campaign in whatever way we can so that this November the people of Sayreville will have a new representative in Congress."

The 6th district covers portions of Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset and Union counties.


Mark said...

Looks like Gooch just made some Sayerville cash disbursements.
The GOP in the 6th CD and environs is ruining an opportunity to oust Obama Dems. Arrogance may prevent us from administering the beating BHO and his minions so deservedly require to save our beloved Republic.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked! Another useless establishment GOP chair backs the completely unqualified GOP candidate!


Yawn..HOW may R's live there?.. said...

..and you're getting HOW much assistance from "the checkbook," for those kind words??'s really starting to sound like the same script, fill in the next bought-town, etc..did the out-of-state consultants do it, or did ya write that all one all by yourselves?.. no wonder Middlesex has been "D" for so long!!..parrots, mynah birds,etc..

Anonymous said...

Shocked? No I am not shocked. Mark is right on. I have heard it over and over - We will give them a check and we have the endorsement. But let's take a look - County committee and chair may show the support but once you go into that voting booth - no one knows for sure how you vote....Many estalishment gop members are uncomfortable going against the chair and so with check in hand - laugh all the way to the bank.... I on the other hand will march to the booth and support the candidate who has the experience, leadership, and ability to represent all of us in the 6th district. The other candidate can run again in two years in her own district....she lives in the 12th district!! It is time to Support Anna Little for congress

Anonymous said...

"Shocked? No I am not shocked"

I'll lay the sarcasm on extra thick next time.

Anna is the only candidate in this race. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for Diane. Someone bullied her into this race.

Anonymous said...

Why would a billionaire like Gooch that is buying her congress seat ask us for donations ? The public is layed off and broke and without health insurance. She is making millions a year in interest and she is asking us for cash ?

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, there is no question that Diane is stealing Anna's road signs because hers are still up on 35 and 36 between Hazlet and Highlands but Anna's are all gone.

It's dirty time. Keep your eyes open folks.

A billionaire who is also a petty thief? Who knew.