Monday, May 31, 2010

Little To Appear With Reuben Torres

By Rueben Torres

Congressional Candidate Anna Little will be my guest on the show this Thursday from 9:00 pm to 10:00pm. Anna will discuss her candidacy for the United States Congress and her challenge to unseat Frank Pallone.

Anna is currently serves as Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey. As Mayor, Anna has proven her ability to manage a fiscally responsible municipality by reducing the budget, and implementing an economic growth vision for her hometown. From 2006-2008, Anna served as a Monmouth County Freeholder, bringing her vision of responsible government to the county by establishing the Continuous Budget Review Committee, and by hosting an Economic Development Summit. She is committed to improving her community as a trustee for the Frielinghaus Memorial Scholarship Fund, and as a member of the Historical Society of the Highlands. Anna also enjoys singing with the Choir at her local church.

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Anonymous said...

Artie - i'm an ana supporter but your losing me on this post...why are you posting this? She is an online radio show, how is that news? Whats next that Frank Pallone is going to appear on Blue Jersey radio?

Anonymous said...

12:34:00 AM

Well, for a couple reasons it's important, not the least of which is that it's yet another smackdown of Joe Shill's smear campaign that Anna is talking to an Hispanic radio program about her obviously unequivocal stance on illegal immigration that Joe Shill unsuccessfully tried to smear on behalf of Diane Gooch.

Second of all, don't discount the reach of internet radio. I'm telling you, the nonsense about Anna and not raising money is absurd. When she wins the primary, dollars will avalanche in from all over the Country. I guarantee it.