Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gooch's Pollster: Message Trumps Money

Republican pollster extraordinaire Adam Geller produced a poll that includes some very encouraging data for CD-6 GOP candidate Anna Little and her supporters.

Ironically, Geller works for the Gooch campaign and is reported to have collected $18,000 in fees according to the latest Gooch FEC filing.

When given a choice between "A Republican Mayor who has lowered spending and property taxes..." and a Democratic incumbent Congressman, the Republican Mayor leads the incumbent Democrat by 5%.

Against "a Republican who made millions on Wall Street and contributed to Democrats..." the incumbent Democrat crushed the Wall Street millionaire 55%-20%.

“We know from countless examples that money is not a message. Candidates with deep pockets don’t necessarily impress voters (just ask Jon Corzine). Voters care about bio; they want to know who the candidate is and what they have done," said Geller in an internal campaign memo obtained by Politickernj.com

Geller produced the poll in February while working for Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre's campaign for congress in the 12th district, the home of Wall Street millionaires Diane and Mickey Gooch.

Highlands Mayor Anna Little is a former Monmouth County Freeholder with a record of reducing spending and taxes.

The 6th district covers portions of Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset and Union counties.


Anonymous said...

Wow Art, you really got them now! Reporting on a poll that was done in another district and trying to spin it to somehow be beneficial for Anna Little is disgraceful. The 6th district is a TOTALLY different animal and it's disingenuous to imply that they are in anyway comparable.

Anonymous said...

How is it different? The question applies equally to 6 and in fact, based on the demographics, I think the millionaire would lose by a greater margin here than there.

The point is that Diane has absolutely zero chance of beating Frank and Anna has a better than average chance.

There is simply no denying this no matter how hard the Goombies try.

A vote for Gooch is a vote for Pallone. Period.

Belford Boy said...

If anything its even more true in the 6th.

of course if you ever lived there you would know that.

And why do you guys insist that Art act like he is neutral he has never pretended that this Blog is anything more then whatever he wants it to be.

get over it.

Michael said...

It's NOT disgraceful. Anna's opponent has done a phone survey/push poll about 2 weeks ago now, and surprisingly, she hasn't released the results! I think that fact says more than the results.

Michael said...

Besides, there are no laws preventing (that I know of) Adam Geller from working on multiple campaigns at the same time. If he's paid, he'll do a poll. And I could be wrong, but I believe that Diane had already declared she was running then.

Mark said...

This just adds more positive gasoline to Mayor Little's fire. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for putting the 6th CD residents in this confrontation. Same goes for the 3rd, 7th, 2nd,
4th and 12th. Does the GOP really want to win? Is Gomer Pyle running their show? Where is that GOP sophistication we long for? They still have not learned and the nation suffers as some GOP Goober constantly makes the wrong decisions.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seriously thinks Pallone is going to lose, do they? This election is not about the 2010 6th District Congressional Race, it is about the next Senatorial race in NJ. There is only one goal: bloody up Pallone, make him spend his cash. Little wouldn't make him spend his cash, so she's out.

Diane will make him spend some cash. She is "taking one for the team" and helping out Christie, Kyrillos et al. for the future.

Refusal to acknowledge this electoral reality is what makes the Tea Partiers so sad, and why they won't be relevant in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27 shows us everything that's wrong with the GOP party machine. They don't care AT ALL about winning, or issues (what's that??), all they care about is their bank accounts (be it for the townships, counties or state committee). And they still think elections are JUST about money. We saw how much money helped Jon Corzine... or Doug Forrester.. or Ellen Karcher..

Anonymous said...

"Nobody seriously thinks Pallone is going to lose, do they?"

There isn't even a question in my mind based on recent events that Anna would trounce Frank.

Not a question. Yes I fully believe that Anna will win outright.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is literally not paying attention to what's going on. Chris Christie took the 6th District.

Anna will take it too.

Diane is running for the purpose of losing. She won't spend any money anyway. Once Anna wins this primary, the money will come rolling in from all over the Country like it does for every other Conservative candidate. Get out of the old thinking man. Anna could raise millions online in a matter of months without breaking a sweat.

Get on board now man, we got 7 days.

M. Laffey said...

"Nobody seriously thinks Pallone is going to lose, do they?"

I don't know about nobody but I know that many elected officials I have spoken too think that. Two tears ago I would have agreed. Two years from now I might agree again.
But today I don't agree.

I do not think the naysayers realize yet how much politics has changed in the last year.

The econmoy is not getting better, Obama is getting blamed for the Gulf Coast disaster. People are still made about TARP and HealthCare.

So I am going to go out on a limb and risk the scorn of my fellow political junkies.

Yes, I think Pallone might be beat this year with the right candidate.

Mark said...

Which team is Gooch taking one for with all the donations to Dems by her and her husband? Yes, Pallone can lose and lose now. You underestimate the anger out there. When I was gathering DEM petition signatures all I had to say was I was against Pallone and most people lunged forward.

"the only poll that counts.." said...

anon., 1:27:while that may be sadly so, it does not belie the fact that Anna would simply be a tougher,better match-up, and rep, if running against Frank..at least we know she can speak, wears ladies' business suits, and sticks to the message of LESS taxes and government intervention.. Frank, proud to claim authorship of the horrid healthcare fiasco, will vote again for cap and tax, disguised now as anti-oil-spills, (what a joke!), and will vote for amnesty, so he can delude more new voters,even before Nov..these facts will make him spend more than usual this time,anyway, to tell the 6th voters how swell he's done for them,to save the beaches and save the Fort these past 22 years.. (oh, I forgot, he did relatively nothing for the beaches, and he did NOT "save the Fort"!!)..it's way past time to wake up, 6th district!!!