Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Scott Sipprelle's "Trail Mix"

By Scott Sipprelle

There is nothing that demonstrates the spirit and cohesiveness of America more than a Memorial Day parade. Three times this weekend Team Sipprelle took to the streets to celebrate the service of America's service men and women. We have much to remember, much to honor, and much to defend.

Do These Folks Not Read the Newspaper?

Stocks fell 8% last month, the worst May since war enveloped Europe 70 years ago. While investors fret that our financial prognosis has too much in common with Greece and Spain, our soon-to-be-deposed Congress continues to roll out hundreds of billions in new spending bills. Brilliant idea: take more money from those who toil in order to give it to the politically-connected. Here's a better idea: Suspend the current Congress until November. The economy simply cannot take any more of the 111th, arguably the most inept ever.

Meanwhile, our Congressman...

...is fattening up his campaign war chest at an accelerating pace as the payback from Big Labor, Big Public Employees Unions, Big Pharma, and Big Finance begins. So, let me get this straight, back in January Congressman Holt was railing against the negative influence of money on politics and "special interest megaphones" drowning out the voice of the people. And now in May he is gorging on special interest money like his career depends on it? (it does).

The Gulf Oil Spill...

...is nauseating on every level. In addition to being an ecological calamity, it exposes underlying issues in our country that run much deeper. Why is it that our technology for dealing with these types of accidents has seemingly not advanced in the last 30 years? Are we really trying to clog up the gusher with mud? While I will reserve judgment for now on the competence of the Administration in handling this matter, I will say that this incident represents another troubling symbol of our nation's lack of preparedness. As we squander money on ill-advised programs we cannot afford, we gut our inherent ability to adapt and innovate.

Oh, by the way...

One week from today is the Republican primary. I hope by now I have convinced you that I have the courage, the energy, and the plan to begin our process of renewal and reform. I need your help, though, to drive a powerful turnout. Please do not "forget" to vote June 8th, and do not let anyone else you know forget either. The stakes are too high!

We will be active all week in the Princeton office for phone banks and other tasks, so please stop by if you have a spare hour (or two) to donate. Freehold will be hopping as usual on Tuesday night and Shrewsbury on Thursday night, in addition, this week we will...

...have additional phone banks leading up to the Primary. Saturday afternoon in Princeton (1-5) and Sunday afternoon in Freehold (1-5). Then on Monday, both Princeton and Freehold will have phones active from Noon to 8PM. Please grab a friend and join us on these days as we reach out to primary voters.

And please plan to join us to watch the primary returns in the Princeton HQ on Tuesday, June 8 after the polls close at 8:00pm. Feel free to come by starting at 7:00pm (after you vote!).

Thank you for your passion and purpose!

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Anonymous said...

he might be rich,too, but I like the guy, he seems to be trying to do the right thing.. hope he can get past Holt, it will be tough..