Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Conversation With Scott Sipprelle, Part 1

CD 12 GOP candidate for Congress Scott Sipprelle visited MoreMonmouthMusings world headquarters on Friday for a long awaited interview.

Sipprelle has been invited here repeatedly since he announced his candidacy in January. He had agreed to participate in a debate conducted by MMM and Save Jersey between himself and the other contenders for the county lines for the GOP primary and then backed out. His response to subsequent invitations to interview one on one was "all in good time."

"Good time" arrived during the day after the David Corsi interview was posted when Scott called to schedule this interview.

In this first segment, Scott talks about why he got into the race for congress and what he expects from Rush Holt and "the guys in black hats" to throw at him during the general election.


JustifiedRight.com said...

Nice get Art.

For the record, Scott's campaign has refused to answer questions from Justified Right.

Anonymous said...

Sipprelle is in trouble...in November. He can't muster enough of an organization to "out-sign" Dave Corsi in Middlesex or Monmouth Counties. He has, literally, no presence in Monmouth County.

I drove through much of Middlesex County over the weekend, and despite reading about the "Shock and Awe" sign campaign on his facebook page, the number of his signs were negligible, and they were countered with Corsi signs at every almost every turn.

Signs may not be the end all, but it does indicate organization. Siprelle, despite his money, seems to have none.

He'll need alot more than what we've seen so far to unseat Rush, who will pull out all the stops to retain his seat.

Anonymous said...

All Scott needs is a couple go getters in each county to run the ground game.

He will be able todo that for the genral. Right now nobody is pumped about the primary because their is clearly no race there.

The 6th District is clearly sucking all the air out of the room right now.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully told Scott you can't read the lawn signs, they're too dark.. hope he listens, and steps it all up!..

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22, either you: 1) aren't very close to the action, or 2) have a "message" to peddle here. In either case, you couldn't be further from reality. Probe a little deeper, or stay posted.

Anonymous said...

Despite the agenda of some of the posters, Sipprelle is the real deal.
Truthfully Corsi seems a little slimey, and that will not play well in the general election.
Corsi is not electable against Holt.
Sipprelle is electable in the general.

The only vote that would have true meaning is a vote for Sipprelle

Anonymous said...

Sipprelle signs are being stolen all over the place, due to the fact that Corsi is desperate. Sad.

Sipprelle has Tea Party endorsements too, plus establishment support. There is no better combination to beat Holt in November...and the only combination that will accomplish that goal. Republicans who truly want to oust the most liberal member of Congress who is ruining all of our lives will vote for the best choice to beat Holt, the only choiceto beat Holt ...SIPPRELLE.

Anonymous said...

The only real chance to beat Holt is Sipprelle

Holt knows it and so does everyone else.

Corsi is just acting like a spoiler. Even a gentleman like Halfacre realized Sipprelle would be better candidate to go against Holt in general

Too often we are our own worst enemy. Corsi is simply looking for some attention.

Sipprelle will make a phenomenal Congressman

JustifiedRight.com said...

Scott is not a conservative until Justfied Right declares it to be so.

Tell Scott to answer my questions. I posed them in writing.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself.

JustifiedRight.com said...

I can't get over myself. I'm that awesome.

Scott's campaign promised me in writing (!) to answer my questions.

Then they didn't.

Do you know him? Better reach out to him - tell him to fear the wrath the of the one who can not get over himself.

Anonymous said...

"The 6th District is clearly sucking all the air out of the room right now."

Damn right!


Paul Mladjenovic said...

I have known Dave Corsi for over 20 years and yes...he is "the real deal". Corsi is a main-street businessman and his conservative/ tea party credentials are solid.

He has never given money to any liberal Democrat candidates or events. This is something that Sipprelle can't say.

If Sipprelle wins the June 8th primary, it is highly doubtful that he could beat Holt since he can't distinguish himself as a strong alternative to Holt.

If NJ voters are truly sincere about "positive change" than Corsi is the better consideration...both in the primary and the general election.