Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Crunch Time

With the last week of the primary campaign upon us, CD-6 is emerging as New Jersey's ground zero for the Tea Party movement, as both local and national leaders are closely watching the race between "Tea Party darling" Anna Little and establishment favorite Diane Gooch.

Little's events this week include her fundraiser tonight at the Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands with Steve Lonegan as the headline speaker. Tomorrow evening she rallies withe the Middlesex County Tea Party for 7-9 at the Peter Pank Diner on Rt 9 in South Amboy. On Friday she has a GOTV rally at Bachstadt's Tavern in North Middletown.

The Gooch campaign is having the "Women for Diane Gooch Kick Off" tomorrow at 830 Broad St in Shrewsbury from 4pm-7pm. Their announcement states that Diane will attend a portion of the meeting. Diane's GOTV rally is Friday evening, 7-10 at the Dublin House in Red Bank.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see if they really do what they say, and register R and vote for Anna.. all the rallies and words of support mean nothing if only the usual rank and file show up and go "down the line"!.. good luck, ACL!

Mark said...

How verbose. Yes, the establishment is watching, only because some jackass will look bad. The old CYA. The Tea Parties love this country and that is their motivation. I can't say the same for some GOP hack who is more concerned with his/her own fanny.
The real sin is what the GOP is doing. Instead of soliciting Gooch to help assist a Little campaign (don't even tell me Gooch is a better candidate)the GOP chose a confrontational tact. Little supported by Gooch and the Tea Parties would have been (still can be)a formidable Pallone opponent. Instead we are where we are. Let's see how Gooch reacts to a Little victory. Will she support and endorse? Does she really want to oust Pallone? i also admit I do not know how Little will react to a Gooch win. (perish the thought). The Tea Parties will not turn out for Gooch as they have for Little.

ambrosiajr said...

onnie12Damn! And I was going to the Dublin House for dinner that night. Better change my plans pronto. I like Italian anyway.

Anonymous said...

IF Anna wins, the question also becomes, will Diane retreat back into being our "vice chair",( if Joe's re-elected chair), and never be seen again, as before?..she's done much good with the influence she has, to help several charities, running for anything should not have been an option.. it would be so exciting to see IF a TEA here, in Blue Jersey, could pull off a grass-roots win!..so, am still hoping for a miracle..we poor U.S. working taxpayers seem to need more of them, these days..

Anonymous said...

IF Anna wins, the question also becomes, will Diane retreat back into being our "vice chair"

Diane said that Pallone HAS to be replaced, not because she's so good, but because he's so bad.

If she loses the primary, Pallone will still be bad, so I assume she'll do whatever she can to help the candidate running against him.

Anonymous said...

I know both camps read this blog and the one thing that Pallone fears more than either Anna or Diane is a united GOP. This is an exciting time to be a Republican and the Little/Gooch race is turning out to be a real nailbiter. Except for some very minor sniping - mostly from people outside the campaigns, both ladies have run a clean race and that is a credit to both.

"hope springs eternal".. said...

exactly,to both their credit....if we can get past personal preferences all over the country, realclearpolitics.com says today that the pro-GOP polling, as to voting in Nov., and running against Obama, have never been higher!.. that's a reason to celebrate, also to keep going,to hunker down, and bring it home wherever we can!

Anonymous said...

I am sure both candidates will unite to beat Pallone and whoever wins they will be a better candidate as a result of the primary

Belford Boy said...

This shows what is wrong with the Gooch campaign.
She is having an event in Shrewsbury which is not even in the 6th District.
her GOTV rally is in Red Bank which is the appendix of the 6th district. What are they thinking?

Meanwhile Anna is at backstads tavern. You cn't get more Bayshore then that!