Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Conservatism Test For 2010 NJ Congressional Primaries

Our friend Tommy DeSeno of has a Conservatism Questionaire for Republican congressional candidates in NJ on his blog.

Tom has complained in the comments here that he has not gotten responses from some candidates. Tom has a HUGE national audience as a result of his pieces being picked up by and Tucker Carlson's

Positive exposure on Tom's site can make a difference to a candidate's national campaign fund raising efforts. Negative exposure can too.

There is no need to be put off by his questions. Tommy is conservative. He is fair minded. He is not a wing nut. Not that there is anything wrong with wing nuts.


Mark said...

There is an existing conservative guide to follow. The candidates are seeking and attaining,
" Certified Constittional Candidates". In the races I am following (2,3,4,6,7,12) all the Tea Party Approved candidates have that designation.
Sorry Tommy, the election world has passed you by this time. I guess you must raise your visibility to be germaine the next cycle.

Am a fan said...

Tom's and principled..I wish him well!

Michael said...

I read Toms Blog.

I don't blame candidates who do not want to answer. They are smart.

a number of his questions take complicated isuues and reduce them to sound bites. They force candidates to answer questions in such a way that their opponents can twist their answers and beat them over the head with the it.

Great publicity stunt for Tom bad for candidates