Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Scott Talks About The Social Issues

"As I have in my own life, we should all embrace the culture of life...that's the way I've lived my own life" ~ Scott Sipprelle

When Scott said that, I was unmoved. I almost didn't hear him. I might not have heard it until I viewed the video. He delivered the line as he had most of the rest of the interview...intellectually and detached. The difference was he did not have the confidence he displayed while discussing fiscal issues and the economy. He spoke slower and more deliberately. As the conversation went on, he seemed less and less comfortable with it. His posture shifted, his tone was more subdued, his facial expression changed. Yet, he was very much engaged.

Hardline conservatives are not going to like Scott's position on abortion. Politically, it might play well for him during the general election in moderate C-12.

For me, this was the best part of our conversation. Early on Scott had said that he was motivated to run for congress because he witnessed Rush Holt being "arrogant, detached and invincible." Later he said that "people are hungry for authenticity." My experience of Scott, since January, had been that he was arrogant, detached and invincible. He was not authentic. During this part of the interview Scott started to become real.

As soon as I turned off the camera, I met the real Scott. He expressed concern about the amount of time we spent on abortion. He asked me if it was an important issue to me. Then he broke through the veneer.

Scott shared with me that during his wife's third pregnancy she came down with chicken pox. Their doctors told them "anything could happen." "We chose life," he said.

"Why don't you tell people that?!" I said. "I didn't want to go there," Scott replied. It was a genuine moment. "Scott, my affinity for you just rose tremendously and many who are against your position will forgive you when they hear your story, " I told him.

"Maybe I need to let it hang out," he said as he raised his head and looked upward.

He does.


Anonymous said...

Art, this is possibly the best reporting you have ever done. This is 'a moment'. I never, ever expected to get emotional reading your blog. But I just did.

Scott Sipprelle just earned my vote.

And you just earned my readership.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting.
I had discussed this issue with Scott very briefly and could tell he was uncomfortable with it.
I think he is struggling with it.
It also indicates he has an open mind on the subject.

There are a number of good things you can say about him and there are some flaws that he has.

But I think the most important thing about Scott is that he is genuinly and simply a good person.

That counts for a lot in my book

Anonymous said...

So, is Scott now performing a flip-flop on this issue? Is he being coy in public, and only sharing his pro-life stance off camera? Or is he moving to the right, engaging in the same politically expedient evolution he repeatedly attacked Halfacre on?

It appears that, contrary to his assertions, he is not ready to be "authentic" on some issues.

Typical politician.

Anonymous said...

Let's not delude ourselves. Scott is not a great Republican hope. He is a moderate guy with sound fiscal knowledge who is loaded. But, he is not a candidate that incites passion and excitement among the masses.

He is not Anna Little, or Chris Christie, or any other candidate who is emotionally connected to his constituents. He is smart, and might be able to overcome his automaton essence, and being rich helps, but let's face it, he is not a great, inspiring candidate. But this year, we might not need one.

Let's hope we don't.

Anonymous said...

sort of like, in CD 6...God help us..