Thursday, June 03, 2010


Phyllis Schlafly’s Leading National Pro-life Conservative organization backs Mayor Little for Congress

Highlands, NJ - Congressional candidate for NJ's 6th District, Anna Little Esq, picked up the endorsement of the nationally recognized, pro-family organization and their New Jersey chapter this week. It is only the latest indication that Mayor Little’s campaign is rapidly becoming noticed as a powerhouse and the only one who can beat Frank Pallone in November.

Founded in 1972 by pro-family legend Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum has grown into the Country’s foremost defender of parental rights and has successfully battled the radical feminist agenda for more than 40 years. Eagle Forum has also branched out into being a national voice and protector of U.S. Sovereignty, a leader in promoting American culture and a strong proponent of traditional education. Eagle Forum has found their candidate in New Jersey. Like so many others, that candidate is Mayor Anna Little.

Having already picked up the endorsement of New Jersey Right to Life, Mayor Little has, with the Eagle Forum endorsement, cemented herself as the only truly pro-life candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 6th District. Mayor Little unapologetically states that life begins at conception and any position she will take on that issue in Washington derives solely from that simple premise.

With Eagle Forum, it is clear that Mayor Little’s underfunded, grassroots candidacy for Congress has become a nationally highlighted race and that Mayor Little has established herself as the only true Conservative running in New Jersey’s 6th District. “I am honored to have earned the endorsement of such an influential organization within the conservative community. I look forward to working with Eagle Forum in the general election.”

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Anonymous said...

Well with the endorsements coming in and money comming in this could get to be an interesting race. This is another great endorsement for Anna. Many people have devoted hours in this grassroots effort. Everyone needs to get out to vote!

Mark said...

That's what I am talking about! The Little juggernaut/steamroller grows! First Gooch, then Pallone and finally the BHO leftist radicals in DC. We, the people are coming for all of you. Dem and RINO beware, you will be on the endangered species list.

Would love to see it happen said...

CD 6 folks: just remember to vote for Anna in column 2, and Shaun, Rob, and Tom, in col. 1,and, grab your "R" fam and friends,some of those TEAS, and a few "Indies," and drag them to the polls, or all this is for naught!!