Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jewish Voice And Opinion Endorses Anna Little

Read it here.

“Anna is different from any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, running in the Sixth District. Her support for our issues, especially Israel, the Middle East, terrorism,and school choice, should make her the natural candidate for our community,” said Mr. Elan Vorzman, a member of the Highland Park Orthodox community.


Anonymous said...

This isn't an endorsement. It's an article.

Mark said...

Perhaps Mr. Vorzman can reach out to the Jewish community in the southern areas of CD 6 so the message is carried throughout the district.

Michael said...

@ Mark - This publication is distributed all over the entire district and surrounding areas with Jewish communities. I have been told that it is available in any Jewish establishment, and all the synagogues in the area. If you want a copy, and cannot get one, I might be able to for you.

@Anonymous - The Jewish Voice and Opinion may not say that 'it's an endorsement', but THEY contacted Anna about the spread, and put her on the front page. That's an endorsement if I ever saw one!