Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Early Returns

10:06. Joe Oxley just told NJN that the numbers are breaking for Gooch in Middlesex. He said the race is too close to call. Why are the numbers not posted on the Internet?!

10:00 PM It is disgraceful that Middlesex County had not reported any numbers, except one district in the 12th (Corsi 14-7)

I'm going to the Little celebration. Updates from the Blackberry.

9:45 PM

With 201 of 215 districts, 93%, in CD-6, Monmouth County, Anna Little is leading Diane Gooch 4847 - 4060.

In CD-12, Monmouth County, with 123 of 125 districts reporting, 98%, David Corsi is leading Scott Sipprelle, 3345-2577.

Middlesex has no results reported yet. What's up with that? The polls have been closed for an hour and a half!

In Mercer County, with 100% of the districts report Sipprelle leads Corsi 1861-863. Mercer County is saving Sipprelle's hide.


Michael Illions said...

Middlesex has no results reported yet. What's up with that? The polls have been closed for an hour and a half!

That's an easy one Art. The Chairman of the Board of Elections is RINO Sylvia Engel, who is also Sam Thompson's hand picked Vice Chair for his Slate for the MCRO. Ya think they are holding back the results to see what they need to pull out of the hat once the Monmouth results are in??

Anonymous said...

218/221 98.64%
Under Votes 132
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
DIANE GOOCH 2,102 58.24%
ANNA C. LITTLE 1,499 41.54%
Write-In 8 0.22%
Total 3,609 100.00%


Conservative Guy said...

Voter irregularity issues in Middlesex County on NJN. They better not steal this from us. Gooch was on NJN, said "we don't know what the votes are" what an airhead!

Anna deserves this win.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that NJN just declared Pallone the winner in this race. I don't agree, as there is a lot of time between now and November.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably poor showing for the Monmouth County Republican organization, despite every nearly every Republican elected official supporting Gooch, Anna Little carried the county overwhelmingly. Wasn't this county party that supposedly delivered big for Chris Christie or maybe that just happened due to Corzine's toll plan and basic unpopularity did him in and the republican county party took all the credit even though Sean Byrnes last year had over 8000 crossover votes.

Oxley's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Tuesday, June 08, 2010 11:34:00 PM

You need to look at the County numbers a little closer. The ticket ran very comfortably in an uncertain enviroment. Shaun won with big plurality and Freeholders ran within a few votes of each other. County ticket and campaign was solid. Good win and momentum to head into the general. Oxley is doing a great job

Conservative Guy said...

Latest Results from both County Election Websites

Gooch Little
2132 1,524 Middlesex 100%
4,318 5,079 Monmouth 99.2%
6450 6,603 + 153 Little Wins!

Anonymous said...

great job, everyone with the Little Engine!.. may she prevail!