Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feisty Foe For Phoney Palloney

Good morning Frank. Good morning Rush. See you again this afternoon.

MMM extends a warm welcome to our new most frequent readers, Phoney Frank Palloney, Rush from Rhoda Holt and their staffs. Please remind your trackers to bring checks on Saturday morning. Mary Fran Lane does not accept cash at Affiliated Republican Club events. The checks should be payable to "Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County."

The Asbury Park Press has a nice editorial about the CD-6 race this morning, Feisty foe for Phoney Palloney. That isn't really the headline. Not this time. But even if they don't write it they will be thinking it before long. Like Phoney Frank and Rush from Rhoda, the APP checks in here a couple of times per day too.

The APP did better than usual this morning. They got it half right. They are spot on in their assessment of Little. But they have completely misread the mood of the GOP which they think is divided.

This Little-Pallone race is uniting the GOP in ways previously thought impossible. Who would ever have predicted that Steve Lonegan and Joe Kyrillos would both be headline fundraisers for the same candidate? That's happening.

CD-6 is on the verge of becoming ground zero of the Tea Party movement as the Monmouth and Middlesex GOP embrace their new partners while the rest of the GOP nationally is still trying to figure out what to do about them.

NJCD-6 is going to be a national bell weather this fall. Frank Pallone is finally going to get the recognition that has eluded him for two decades in Washington. The self proclaimed architect of ObamaCare is going to be exposed and defeated. President Obama can them make him Ambassador to India.


Anonymous said...

I heard Barney Frank and Jim McGreevey will be hosting a fund raiser in Monmouth County for their good friend, Frankie Pallone. said...

Art says the AP Press is wrong about the mood of the GOP being divided?

Let's see:

The contested party line got beaten.

Primary turnout was about 25%.

The Chairman's race was 180 to 153.

Since there are about 850 county committee seats, only about half showed at the convention (if they're even filled) and they are supposed to be the engaged people.

OK Art, which one of these facts is supposed to show the Press a united party?

Can you list me the open and public fact that says Monmouth Republicans are united?

Art Gallagher said...

Come on Tommy, I sent you all that traffic last week and now you want more?!

You're problem is that your getting your propaganda from the APP. Stick with my propaganda, you'll be much happier and life will turn out better.

The facts are the facts. How you, and the Press are interpreting them is faulty.

The party line got beaten. That was a good thing. That's why we have primaries.

Here's a fact you left out. The candidate who beat the line endorsed the chairman for another term and arguably put him over the top. That's leadership. That's fostering unity.

The primary turnout of 25% was extraordinarily high by historical standards. Your point? Mine is that you are misinterpreting facts to to express your frustrated dissatisfaction. Have a beer. Oh, I forgot, we're doing that tonight.

180 to 153 and you see division, but you weren't there. Remember how the APP wrote about how awful the crowd was at Phoney Palloney's Town Hall in Red Bank last year. You and I were there and witnessed the truth. I reported the truth about the crowd accurately here. The crowd was civil and passionate. Not the way the APP portrayed them (us).

The crowd on Tuesday night was united and determined to win in November. There was a disagreement about who the chairman should be. A vote was taken and a chairman was selected. Both opponents shook hands and came together. Costigan will remain an important part of the team.

Since when did you become a defender of the APP anyway?

Go back to picking on Steve Abudato.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help Tommy.
Now go away.

i was at the convention and after that vote was done the party was united.

Of course some people would rather be pessimistic or would prefer division or maybe they like to carp to promote their blog.

We will show all the natsayers come November.

Monmouth Republicans are on the rise!

Anonymous said...

Monmouth Republicans are more UNITED than ever, and both the Tea Party and GOP have embraced each other, they both need each other and are smart to realize it! The numbers beating Pallone and Holt in the 6th and 12th will prove just that! Sipprelle & Little will be sent to Washington by the people.

Anonymous said...

The app has been calling me almmost 2 a month trying to sell me their rag....I wouldent line my bird cage with that propaganda rag for fear of corupting my parakeet.the Truth is the republican party had diferances on who they thought would be the best candidate sure...well we had a primary and the better candidate won.To boot she was facing a well funded party backed candidate and was totally out spent and out played on t.v and radio...yet still won.that is what the party is uniteing around some one who can do more with is that not what we all want from Washington.And as far as the committe chair goes.We will unite the party and take out the trash phony pallony

Anonymous said...

The proof will be in the pudding. Save your breath arguing it. The Tea Party and the GOP have agreed to unify to beat the real enemy. I know "enemy" is a strong word, but that is truly how I see these people who trample on our Constitution. You will see unity within the Republican party like you have never seen before. For that matter, even Obama deserves a little thanks here for waking people up and getting them involved. Thats all the thanks he will get out of me though. said...


This just in - Art Gallagher wins Nobel Peace Prize!

Since Obama won it for "wishing really hard" for world peace, Art won it too - for "wishing really hard" for Monmouth Republican Party unity!

Hooray for Art!

Good grief. Wish all you want.

The MCRO is split open wider than a BP Oil wellcap.

Art Gallagher said...

Since Obama won it for "wishing really hard" for world peace, Art won it too - for "wishing really hard" for Monmouth Republican Party unity!

What I should really win the prize for is bring you and the APP together after all these years.

No wonder Jacobson kicked you to the curb.

Anonymous said...

It will be very difficult to beat Mr Personality but we do have a chance with a LITTLE help.
United? Well, I still think Oxley was extremely lucky having Burry & Little on his side the other night.A 35 vote loss for Costigan should be considered a win with that headwind. The "HOT LINE" for deals must have been working overtime. Let's get rid of Pallone! Then we'll fix the house.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, If you showed up at a republican event you would have a freaking clue.

First your questionairre now this.

i think maybe you are a democrat Mole. said...

Why would I show up at any County Convention? I don't need a municipal appointment.

I prefer a small government Tea Party rally where the focus is good public policy.

NOT TO BE picky, but... said...

it is "eluded" not alluded

on substance - HOPING there is unity...we shall see

NOT to be picky, but... said...

change word..from "alluded" to "eluded"

On substance - HOPE you are right on UNITY. It will only help from the top down and bottom up. We shall see, can BIG egos support the LITTLE candidate??

Anonymous said...

if they haven't learned this time, they will miss the bus. I personally am looking forward to being in DC when Scott and Anna are sworn in with our new majority!!. gotta focus and seize this moment in history, and make it happen!!