Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOP Breakfast of Champions

Don't forget Saturday's rally in Hazlet.

Come out and meet Anna Little, Scott Sipprelle, Sheriff Shaun Golden, Freeholder Rob Clifton, Mayor Tom Arnone and the spies for Phoney Frank Palloney and Rush from Rhoda Holt.

The spies will be the ones who keep fiddling with their IPhones, trying to shoot video while the devices on on their ears. You'll know it is them because their phones will be on their ears but they won't be talking because they won't want to spoil the audio. Keep an eye out for them and give them a warm welcome.

If your coming on Saturday morning,

9 AM to 11 AM
Park East Bistro
(formerly the Shore Point Inn)
Highway 35 and Holmdel Road
Hazlet, New Jersey 07730

don't forget to bring a check. Mary Fran Lane does not accept cash at Affiliated Club events. $15 to the Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County.

Call 732-280-1185 and leave a message that you are coming. There is likely to be a large turnout.


the inside airbather said...

I'll be @ the beach. Gunnison beach @ Sandy hook. Need to get some sun cause my booty is turnin white. I ♥ G beach!


Anonymous said...

Re: the spies....Keep interrupting them, it'll drive them nuts! I can really have some fun with this. hmmmmm

Worth the time said...

and a super, uplifting and unifying event it was!!.. would encourage the reluctant and missing "leaders" among us, to get on the train soon, or be "left" at the station!