Friday, June 18, 2010

Is Phoney Palloney Angling For An Ambassadorship?

Good morning Frank. Good morning Rush. See you again this afternoon.

What's with Frank Pallone's sudden interest in events that happened overseas decades ago?

Last week we saw Phoney Palloney issue a statement calling for the extradition of former Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson to India to answer charges on the Bhopal gas disaster that happened in 1984.

This week he issued a statement on the Bloody Sunday massacre that occurred in Derry, Northern Ireland in January of 1972, over 38 years ago.

Maybe if Pallone paid more attention to events in CD-6 New Jersey, like the BRACing of Fort Monmouth, the new FEMA maps on the bayshore resulting in huge flood insurance increases for his constituents, and the crumbling of Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook that he flipped flopped on but never made an impact with, he'd stand a better chance of keeping his job.

Maybe if he cared more about what the residents of CD-6 care about than what Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman care about he'd stand a better chance of keeping his job.

What's with all this noise about stuff that happened decades ago? He's even going back to the 1920's and 30's. He saw how the campaign he chaired for Jon Corzine failed last year when they tried to run against George W. Bush instead of Chris Christie. So now he's planning to run against Herbert Hoover instead of Anna Little. Good luck with that Frank. I think I'll do a man on the street video piece and ask people what Herbert Hoover was famous for. My guess is that more people will say for making vacuum cleaners than for being President of the United States.

Maybe Frank is hoping for an Ambassadorship to India or Ireland next year.

More likely he is pandering to the Indian and Irish communities of CD-6. We Irish invented blarney Frank, it is not going to work. Not on us and not on the Indians either.


Sir Horatio Waddington III said...

I say old chap Pallone just lost the British vote.


Anonymous said...

Up the Republic! Irish for Little!

Mark said...

On his FB page and in the media, Franky boy said he will be running on his record. His next dozen press releases were about overseas issues. I love the focus and forthrightness.
One explanation may be he is suffering from what Obama stated at that school commencement. Too much information to digest. Franky's head may be swirling. Tea Parties, Little, 65% favor HC repeal, Mao on the WH Christmas tree, bowing to the Saudi king, worms in the spaghetti.
We may be witnessing the beginning of a meltdown. He can't multi task like tens of millions in the private sector.

it's long past time, but we'll take it said...

true, Mark, since he surely has never worked for a living!.. oh, another commercial is forming: Frank in a barrel, then over that barrel,and being "exposed" for the whiny, worried,leftist worm that he is!