Friday, June 18, 2010

Who is Frank Pallone?

Mickey Gooch has an interesting column in this week's Two River Times.

Mickey shares some nuggets:

The biggest challenge revealed by the poll was getting a message out to define Pallone. It is remarkable how few constituents have any opinion either way about Pallone, many know little about him and have rarely seen him in public. But when educated about his role in the Pelosi administration having voted with Pelosi over 99 percent of the time, we found that Pallone's favorable and no-opinion ratings swung quickly to the negative.

Mickey doesn't say how few constituents have no opinion of Pallone, know little about him or have rarely seen him in public. Yet he says defining Pallone was the biggest challenge. He also said the Little campaign did a remarkable job defining Diane, who was not well known prior to the primary.

Nor does Mickey tell us how far Pallone's favorable and no-opinion ratings swung negative when the respondents were pushed to identify him with Pelosi.

Despite Pallone's apparent weaknesses, Mickey writes that their polling data indicated that a moderate Republican would be running even with Pallone, a "jump ball," Mickey said.

We don't know if the Gooches polled how Pallone performs against a conservative Republican. One would think that either they didn't ask or they asked and the conservative outperformed the moderate. Otherwise it would have made since to use the polling data during the primary rather than in a post primary piece. Another possibility is that a conservative polled better among primary voters.

Pallone has said he is running on his progressive record. Yet he has also hinted that he will run to the right of his record. He told BlueJersey, "...Government should not do everything. But when we're in a recession - in tough times - that's not when the government should sit back and do less. We need to help out."

From my perspective, one of the reasons Pallone may be hard to define is that he communicates his radical progressive positions as if they are reasonable. If Mickey's data is accurate, i.e., that Pallone is largely unknown after 22 years in congress, this race might be easier than I thought it would be.


Wishing an ambassadorship for FRANK said...

Frank Pallone has been a "gimme" for a variety of reasons, but one of the statements I always hear in Interlaken is "he cares about the shore" and he is "good for the environment." I have heard the same thing from friends further north in Monmouth County. Without any real knowledge this has been accepted as fact and so many have failed to research who this guy really is. The health care debacle did wake up many and I made the trip to Red Bank where he was a total EMBARASSMENT and showed himself to be arrogant and "I know better than you," by being a proud sponsor of the bill.
This is finally the time where the electorate may be open to being educated.

Bayshore Bob said...

If Pallone cares so much about the shore why is the Raritan bay still so polluted that the DEP and the Feds want to shut down the oyster seeding program?

What exactly has he accomplished in 22 years other then engage in photo ops? said...

Terms are being very much redefined this year.

Does anyone know what Mickey means by "moderate" Republican?

Not saying I'm going to agree or disagree with Mickey.

Just saying I want to make sure I know what he means before I opine.

What are the thougts of MMM readers on what defines a "moderate republican" as Mickey is using the term in his column?

TR said...


The primary is over
the target is Frank Pallone not hits for your website said...


This isn't my website, TR. It's Art's.

Why are you afraid of that simple question?

Oh right... you are MRCO and it has nothing to do with municipal appointments.

Maybe someone who is in it for good policy will tackle the question.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Your using your comments to drive traffic to your site. Things must be slow over there.
and your wrong about who I am.

Nobody cares what Mickey means that is not the point being made now move along.

Mark said...

In one of my multiple trips to DC for Tea Party demonstrations I literally ran into Frank at his congressional office. My timing was heaven sent as I walked in the front door and he came out of an inside door. I immediately offered my hand. My 4' 11" European grandmother had a firmer handshake.
I asked him "why are you pushing these economically masochistic bills?" He replied "I know, I'm the bad guy" as he turned and ran through another internal door and immediately closed it behind him. He never said another word, such as "excuse me I am busy" or "I'd like to talk but now is a bad time". He said nothing else.
Who is Frank Pallone? He is a classless, rude and arrogant person. He needs to go.

M Laffey said...

You have hit the Nail on the head.
Holt and Pallone in their arrogance believe they know what is best for everyone. They are not in Washington to govern for us they are there to govern us. They do not brook being questioned because they are above having to answer to us. Who the hell are we to question them.
I once had the opportunity to talk to Rush Holt about social security reform. He told me the American public is not smart enough to make investment decisions for itself.
He actually said that!

Well I think its time we show them who the hell we are. we are their bosses and we are going to tell them
YOUR FIRED. said...

TR I think it's an interesting conversation, and since Mickey spent $20K on polling that says Frank Pallone can be beaten by a moderate Republican, don't you think it's a discussion worth having - trying to figure out what a moderate Republican is?

Certainly relevant to beating Frank.

I haven't linked my site in a comment, so I don't know what you're referring to there.

I comment here because I support Art's site.

I just looked at your old blog and there's a post from you lamenting that people aren't discussing enough.

So let's discuss -

What do you think was meant by "moderate Republican" as used by Mickey?

TR said...

Well Tommy if I believed you I might agree but as I see it you are using this question to try and ignite a brush war between moderate and conservative Republicans.
Normally I would love to have that conversation but right now i see no point to it. We have a fine candidate in Anna Little. For her to win it would help to have party unity. I don't care wether the prople who vote for her are moderates or coservatives or libertarians or constitutionalists I don't even care if they are communists or imperialists as long as they vote for her.

So lets save the discussion about definitions until after the November election.

BTW your identifier is the name of your blog hence the accusation about stirring up controvery to drive traffic.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the warm weather, stay outside... away from your computer. said...

The problem there TR is the communists will vote for Pallone. And the imperialists. And the Democrats. And the moderate Republicans.

Here's to hoping Anna continues to "dance with the ones who brung her."

TR said...

Ahhh Tommy there is where ypou are mistaken.
Anna little is a rare flower that will attract people of all political persuasion

Anonymous said...

Maybe its my English education- but what I'm saying re how few constituents have any opinion of Pallone is that Most constituents have little or no opinion of Frank. That is good for Anna- People think thy like Pallone- but asked why they like him, they don't know why. They are unaware of his negatives. But those negatives will come out over the next 5 months. MG

Art Gallagher said...

MG said,

People think thy like Pallone- but asked why they like him, they don't know why. They are unaware of his negatives.

That is a VERY useful clarification Mickey.

Thank you.

Save time, resign, Frank! said...

it's really quite simple, and, catchy: "STOP Pallone and Pelosi"..period..for 27 years, if you include his lackluster time in the NJ State Senate,Frank Pallone has been the invisible statist- liberal, doing nothing but self-promotion, and catering to the special interests that are breaking this nation!..he has always picked something like: "save the ocean" and "save the Fort", which anyone of any persuasion thinks is fine, then, because of his real philosophy, does everything he can to destroy this country.. there unfortunately are far too many phonies just like him, who've been allowed to continue for so long, because the electorate was just NOT paying attention..rather than engage in debates over segments of thought and governing philosophies, I think we have no time, from now til Nov., and, the regular-Joes out there need a clean, simple message for, if we all stick to the goal of getting rid of most of them this cycle, for the sake of our selves and future generations,we can start to right this seriously- tipping boat called the USA!

Wasted dollars said...

with respect for Mickey's right to his opinion, I think the very LAST thing Anna needs to do is dumb-down or dilute who she is, what she fervently believes, and try and come off, like too many others in our midst, as "GOP-lite"!.. it is that very philosophy which has gotten this party, on all levels, into this mess we're in, and into the minorities, on all levels!.. all voters need a clear difference, a clear reason why to vote yes or no on a candidate: SO many years of "watering-down" our basic core beliefs has wreaked havoc on our party and nation, don't you see?'s Anna's differences with Frank, on just about every issue, that beat back Diane's org. support and money, and it's who she is and what she will do for us in Congress, that will make her one of the biggest upset-winners in our state's, and this country's recent history, on Nov. 2!, you go, and continue to stand TALL, our "Little"one!